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McMaster Engineering’s Top 10 Stories of 2019December 16, 2019

From delving into the history of McMaster's giant iron ring, to 3D printing tumour cells and celebrating startups founded by McMaster engineering students, here are the top stories of 2019.

10. Mechanical Engineers develop 3D printed sensors powered by snow

Ravi Selvaganapathy, a professor in Mechanical Engineering and Canada Research Chair in biomicrofluidics, along with Ahmed Abdelsalam, a visiting researcher and Islam Hassan, a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, used Canada's harsh winter climate as inspiration for their unique device. They also teamed up with researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Connecticut and Stevens Institute of Technology.

9. Six engineering startups to watch

At the Forge’s $100 000 Student Startup Competition in March, 2019, 11 out of the 12 finalists were from the Faculty of Engineering. Here’s a look at six thriving companies founded by McMaster engineering students, faculty, and alumni.


8. McMaster becomes the first Canadian university to offer digital degrees

More than 940 undergraduate engineering, Bachelor of Technology and computer science students at McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering received the institution’s first-ever digital diplomas the week following the faculty’s  convocation ceremonies on June 14.

The pilot project marks a first for any Canadian university and follows in the footsteps of a handful of notable American universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

7. Rapid magnetic 3D printing of human cells

A team of McMaster University engineers has found a way to use 3D printing technology to create artificial tumours to help researchers test new drugs and therapies, which could lead to personalized medicine.

6. Passionate about a club or team? Get credit for it

ENGINEER 3CX3 - Experiential Learning in Complementary Studies is a new course being offered to students in second year or beyond starting September 2019. The course allows students to earn course credit for being involved in non-technical clubs and teams (i.e. the McMaster Engineering Society, MacChangers, Engineers Without Borders), or for those in non-technical roles on technical teams (i.e. team managers, administrative leads).

5. Software and Mechatronics students create device for farmers and the museum world

A team of Software and Mechatronics Engineering students have collaborated on a project to help farmers that may also have applications in the museum world.

The device, aptly named AgriBoost, was originally conceived as a tool to monitor environmental conditions across farmer’s land, tracking temperature, moisture, wind speed and solar radiation.

4. What makes Mac Eng students stand out? We asked employees of one of the world's best auto makers

Tesla came to McMaster to meet and engage with Engineering students and hire co-op students. Here's what some of their employees said about the skills and experiences they look for when hiring engineers and what makes Mac Eng students stand out.


3. Student creates app that predicts snow days

Imagine being able to predict whether or not a snow day is on the horizon with the touch of a button? Fifth-year Software Engineering and Management student Joe Crozier has made it possible by creating a free app, appropriately called The Snowday App.

2. The untold story of the Iron Ring (until now)

Canadian students in the graduating year of their engineering program gather annually for the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, or Kipling Ceremony. Students take an oath to uphold the social responsibilities that accompany becoming an engineer, and receive an iron ring to mark the occasion.

Inspired by the collapse of a bridge being built over the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City in 1907, the ritual involves an “obligation,” or statement of professional ethics that was written by none other than Rudyard Kipling.

This is the story of McMaster’s own (giant) iron ring — a sculpture that now sits outside the front doors of the John Hodgins Engineering Building.

1. McMaster Engineering climbs in Maclean's best university engineering programs rankings

McMaster Engineering continues to climb in Maclean's magazine's annual 'Canada's best university engineering programs' rankings, rising to 6th out of 20 ranked institutions.

The Faculty of Engineering has steadily gone up in the rankings, rising from 8th (2018) to 7th (2019) to 6th (2020). Engineering universities are assessed by the magazine based on program reputation, research reputation, publication and citation metrics.