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Rong Zha

Rong Zha

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Burke Science Building (BSB) 115

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Dr. Chang-qing Xu

The Department of Engineering Physics is going to host 9 graduate seminars each Tuesday between 12:30 and 1:20 PM in BSB 115 from January 23rd to March 20th, 2018. The title and abstract of each seminar will be posted on this event series. The graduate students will present their research at the seminars. Research activities and fun facts about their research group will also be introduced. Refreshments will be served. Please mark your calendars for these events.


Rong Zha, Graduate Student in the Department of Engineering Physics at McMaster University 

Computational Solutions to Phase-only Holographic 3D DisplayComputational Solutions to Phase-only Holographic 3D Display.

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In the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 3D display attracts much attention from both the industry and academia. However, current display technology with the lightweight optics do not scale to provide resolution, field of view (FOV) and depth cues on par with human visual acuity. Owing to the advance in faster electronics and digital processing power, digital holography may solve the challenge in the passive optical device by computational solutions.

Theoretically, Digital holography offers efficient wavefront encoding by holographic superposition and smooth wavefront control. Unfortunately, it is not generally available for the device which is capable of modulating both amplitude and phase of a wavefront. Availability aside, phase-only spatial light modulators (SLMs) are often preferred because of the high light efficiency. Therefore, how to deal with the amplitude needs to be addressed in the calculation of phase-only holograms. Rong will go through the principle of holographic display, 2D/3D algorithm in phase-only holograms ant typical applications as well as other related topics in 3D displays.