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Dr. Anne-Claire Salaün

Dr. Anne-Claire Salaün

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Dr. Ray LaPierre and Dr. Fang



Anne-Claire Salaün received her PhD degree in physics from the University of Rennes (France) and her research director graduation in electronics. She is head manager of the Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing (EEIC) department of the Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) of Rennes. Her research activities are devoted to the low temperature (<600°C) polysilicon or silicon nanowires TFT fabrication and micro-technology, with applications to chemical and biological sensors. She focuses on sensors based on silicon nanowires. She is a member of the university’s Research Commission and she is member of the National Committee of French Universities.


The More than Moore approach allows electronics to become smaller, more powerful and more efficient. In this way, several innovative devices emerge as new promising structure with the integration of new nano-objects such as nanowires (NWs) or nanomaterials into CMOS chips. Because of their high surface-to-volume ratio, silicon nanowires are potential functional probes for detecting charges species, their dimensions being comparable with those of chemical and biological species. Nano-devices as bio-chemical nanosensors are promising for label-free, real-time and sensitive detection of biomolecules. As an example, one of the main challenges in terms of public health is the prevention of bacterial contamination using rapid, highly sensitive and specific detection techniques. The development of highly sensitive bacterial sensors for Escherichia coli detection based on networks of silicon nanowires will be presented.