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Welcome to the ECE Department!

Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), in the Faculty of Engineering!

The ECE Department office is in ITB-A111, located in the very corner of campus - closest to the intersection of Main Street and Cootes Drive.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.

Please become familiar with our department website - it covers most of the information that you'll need from Level 2 to graduation.

Like us on Facebook so you keep connected with our exciting department and the clubs/teams that you can get involved with, and find some inspiration to start the week each Monday morning!

Make sure that emails from "" are not going to your Spam folder, as lots of important information and opportunities are sent out by email.

Don't hesitate to ask!  Come by the ECE Department Office anytime, or email , and I'd be happy to help you!

In your final year you will be doing a full-year "capstone" course (ElecEng 4OI6 or 4BI6).  This is a group design project course.  Throughout your degree, try to think of some ideas you'd like to design.  We've had some amazing designs over the years, who knows, maybe you'll design something for the greater good of humanity!!  Check out the information about the showcase where you present your design at the end of the year - Expo.

Enjoy your time with us!  We know that your degree is challenging, so we have many different workshops and social activities to help you get through your degree!  Getting involved will help in many ways.  There are academic workshops within the department, as well as professional workshops in the faculty that include things like how to do a great LinkedIn profile.  And make sure you check out the wonderful student groups that are here to support you (after all, all those students are going through their degree just like you!). 

 Again, welcome! and best wishes for a successful and enjoyable experience!