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Shunny Chan, BEng '07

Electrical Engineering | Investing in international real estate

As a teenager with a cellphone in his hand, Shunny Chan was convinced that future was in telecommunications.

That certainty – which turned out to be correct – led him to Electrical Engineering. But after earning his degree in 2006, he migrated away from the growing field and toward real estate.

After nearly two years as an assistant engineer with Canada’s WSP, Chan moved into the role of property associate with Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation Ltd.

In 2012 he earned a master’s degree in real estate investment and finance from the University of Hong Kong, then moved through a series of increasingly senior positions to land in his current position as Investment Manager - International Real Estate with Nan Fung Group, a Hong Kong-based property developer and investor.

“My responsibility is to perform and underwrite outbound real estate investments into US key American gateway cities,” says Chan. “I love my job. Every day is exciting and different, and I’ve come further than I expected in 12 years.”

He recently also added an Alternative Investment Analyst charter from the CAIA Association to his resume.

Despite his move into the real estate investment world, Chan says his engineering degree continues to serve him well.

“Along with providing me technical skills, it definitely helped me grow in terms of critical thinking and time management,” he says. “These are critically important skills that I call on daily as I need to digest information quickly, analyze financial models and execute transactions in a limited time frame.”

“My advice for today’s students is to perform on your strengths, work harder on your weaknesses and always be prepared for change.”