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Shishir Pande, BEng '14

Electrical Engineering | Learning to Love your Future

Shishir Pande believes the process of self-discovery is central to career development. And it’s a philosophy that he is living.

With his launch of Building Intrigue, an organization dedicated to “helping young people find and follow their dreams,” Pande has immersed himself in the world of career development as a speaker, writer and podcaster.

It was a world he first encountered as a McMaster student in 2013 when he founded the Society for Engineering Application, a club focused on improving practical learning opportunities for students.

After earning his B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2014, Pande spent several years working as an electrical and tactical systems engineer but soon realized that he wanted to affect change on a greater scale.

Entering the world of entrepreneurship, his previous experience with the Society for Engineering Application came into play. He realized students are typically focused on academic achievement and compliance, in a world where creativity and self-awareness are becoming increasingly important.

“I think the most important thing for career development is knowing yourself,” says Pande. “That comes from trying new things and discovering what you don't like more often than stumbling upon what you do like.”

After a year of working alone, Pande went on to seek mentors by joining a team of experienced entrepreneurs at Tripsi, a software company that helps teachers and school boards create educational travel experiences for students. The relationship has seen Building Intrigue's influence grow within the career development community, and taken Tripsi from infancy to real revenue generation.

“I know that my work with Building Intrigue and Tripsi will culminate in me leading a team to help others and it's important for me to understand how best to lead that team. I don't have a clue where I'll be in 10 years but I'm perfectly okay with that. The work that I am doing will lead to a great number of opportunities which could take me down a multitude of different paths. All I know is that I will continue to lead.”

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