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Sarah Core, BEng '15

Electrical Engineering | Solving the puzzles

What’s the right career for someone fascinated by puzzles and robotics, and always on the lookout for a new challenge?

For 2015 Electrical Engineering grad Sarah Core, the answer seems to be in the automation consulting industry.

Core is currently working as a System Integrator at Jordan Engineering, a small Beamsville-based consulting firm where she enjoys the challenge of learning a variety of skills.

“My primary role is to develop and implement logic for client automation processes, but this can change project to project,” says Core, who adds that the job has also provided opportunities to work on HMI and panel design, take on the role of project lead with several clients, and work across a range of different industries.

“I have always had an interest in puzzles and found that troubleshooting code and designing circuits let me do this as a career.”

Highlights over the first four years of her career include the opportunity to travel the world for work. Core was upgrading a client’s system in Brazil earlier this year, and is headed to China this summer.

She also likes to see the tangible results her efforts can bring.

“I helped develop a standard logic for a client with many sites that brought commissioning time down from 4+ weeks to one week,” she says.

Her advice for today’s students: “Lessons learned out of the classroom are just as important, if not more important than the ones learned in class,” she says.

“And try to take part in as many different clubs, jobs and co-ops as you can while in school -- they will teach you not only what you do like to do, but what you don't.”