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Nicole Bacci, BEng '12

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering | Building a Bell Career

Over the last six years, Nicole Bacci has risen through the ranks of responsibility at Bell Canada.

She started in the company’s Graduate Leadership program shortly after earning her BEng in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster in 2012. She was quickly promoted to Senior Manager and is now Director of Program Delivery.

“I have a team of project managers who work on projects that impact our technicians and front-line agents,” explains Bacci. “This work can involve introducing new technology or new products/apps that we would deliver to our front-end teams and customers.”

The company offers an almost endless variety of opportunities for employees, she adds.

“Bell gives you the ability to try your hand at engineering, business, media, and much more. We are influencing the wireline and wireless space with constantly changing technology and IoT needs. It is an exciting place to be.”

During university Bacci spent three summer internship positions with Bell, which helped convince her that it was the company where she wanted to apply her expertise. “I knew at 19 that I loved Bell.”

That admiration has been returned. Bacci was selected for a Bell Bravo award – the company’s highest form of recognition, with awards presented at an annual gala evening.

But despite the satisfaction of her career, she urges students to enjoy school while they have the opportunity.

“Real life isn’t always glamorous, responsibilities get larger and it really makes you miss the days of partying with no bills,” she says, jokingly. “Also don’t let a fear of failure cause you to miss out on an opportunity. Nothing is wrong with failure – it makes you stronger.”