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Krystien Wolff, BEng '14, MEng '15

Electrical & Biomedical, Electrical Engineering | Stay Eager to Learn

A passion for electronics and technology, along with a desire to find novel ways to enhance the human experience by integrating technology and biology originally attracted Krystien Wolff to Electrical & Biomedical Engineering.

After earning his B.Eng in 2014, he went on to complete a Master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. 

Today, he works as an Electrical and Controls Engineer-in-training with naval defence contractor Rolls-Royce Naval Marine.

“My responsibilities include developing and testing control systems for winch systems that will go on naval vessels,” says Wolff. “I also integrate the electrical systems with the control logic to ensure the system functions as designed.” 

“This is definitely not what I thought I'd be doing, but I am very grateful for that fact,” he adds. “I still remember Dr. Davidson telling us that his job wasn’t just to teach us about voltage and current but to teach us how to learn. 

“That skill has proven immensely important to my career growth, as I’ve been able to move between businesses that I never thought I'd be in while continuing to learn and thrive in unfamiliar situations.”

He also credits the problem-solving and communications skills he learned at McMaster for helping him earn an award of excellence with his previous employer.

He encourages students not to be afraid to learn and to try new things.

 “I know it sounds cliché, but your career might not follow the path you originally planned,” says Wolff. “But if you keep learning and keep an open mind, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to move where you want, because the ability to adapt and learn new things quickly is the most important transferable skill.

“You don't always have to check all the boxes on the job requirement list if you can show a company that you are willing to learn and grow yourself as an individual.”