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Glen Schmid, BEng '85

Computer Engineering | Selling cutting edge to the world

It takes equal parts technical expertise and people skills to thrive in a high tech sales role.

For the last several decades, Glen Schmid has translated the technical benefits of the latest products and technologies into the words that help clients understand the impact on their lives and businesses.

“A big focus of my role is on closing deals,” says Schmid, director of sales for the Americas with startup NoviFlow Inc., a firm selling next-generation routing and cybersecurity to large telecoms, government and large enterprise.

“I spent 10 years on the engineering side, but then I started getting pulled into client meetings to explain product and technology,” he says. “Turns out I was good with customers, so I moved from engineering into product management and eventually sales.”

Shortly after earning his Computer Engineering degree in 1985, Schmid was recruited by Ericsson to “work on a new technology called mobile.” He authored seven patents and moved to Germany with the company in 1990, where he helped deploy the first GSM (2G) mobile network in the world.

In 2000, he left Ericsson and moved into the startup world, founding his own Ottawa-based company that he eventually sold in 2004. The company’s technology is still used by global telecom service providers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and others.

Since then Schmid has been working in global sales roles for other small and large companies, providing him with the opportunity to travel Europe and southeast Asia with his family and his golf clubs.

He urges engineering students to become skilled at project management and navigating change and to work at a large company early in their career to learn the process.

“Also, get your P.Eng as soon as possible. It gets harder the longer you wait.”