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Gaby Bohus, BEng Mgt '09

Electrical Engineering & Management | Senior Manager, Digital Strategy @ Innovation, CIBC Digital

Her interest started young: My dad is an Electrical Engineer, so as a child growing up I spent my days building things with him. I loved going to science and hardware stores to buy motors, switches, lights, and other materials to build little gadgets. As a teenager, I became interested in programming and in high school, I learned JAVA, C, C++, HTML, and a few other programming languages. I used my skills to build websites in my spare time. When it came time to apply to university, Engineering was the most obvious choice! I decided I wanted to spend my career-building tools and solving tough problems, and I knew Engineering was the way to reach my dream. I decided to pursue McMaster’s Engineering and Management program because I recognized the value of combining business skills with technical skills.

Making improvements day-to-day: I spend my days developing the strategy to build out and improve upon the capabilities of CIBC’s Digital Platforms (e.g., CIBC Online Banking and the CIBC Mobile App). In my day-to-day job, my engineering degree enhances my business training, giving me a unique perspective when analyzing and solving complex problems. I love that my job encompasses my lifelong passion for building and problem solving, but at a higher level, having an impact on a much wider audience. I am developing strategies and ideas that will truly help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Her next steps: I can see myself as a senior leader in the Digital and Innovation space – constantly pursuing new and exciting ideas and ways to help bring value to clients.

The attitude for success: Persevere, kick butt, and do not be intimidated. Women bring a unique and very valuable perspective to the table.