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Cameron Smith, BEng Mgt '98

Electrical Engineering & Management | Computing and Managing a Career of Opportunities

What do you get when you take a lifelong passion for computers and programming, mix in the technical learning from an engineering degree and combine it all with an industry that is constantly transforming itself and everything it touches?

A pretty fascinating career, actually.

In the two decades since his 1998 graduation from McMaster’s Computer Engineering and Management program, Cameron Smith has enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly growing and increasingly pervasive computing and software industries.

“I feel fortunate to have watched the industry transform,” he says. “The first company I worked for transitioned from designing analog integrated circuits to fully programmable digital signal processors.”

Throughout his career, he’s had the opportunity to move back and forth between technical and management roles, as well as work for both very large (over 20,000 people) to very small (6 people) employers.

Today, Smith is VP of Software Development at Dejero, in Waterloo.

“Dejero develops technology that blends multiple Internet connections together to create a faster, more reliable pipe for data and video,” he explains. “We develop software that runs on edge devices that get installed in vehicles or on TV cameras. Our software also runs at the other end of the ‘pipe’ in the cloud or in customer data centres.

“I help manage people and projects, but also get involved in architecture and design and still write a fair bit of code.”

Having spent his career working with companies manufacturing some form of hardware component, Smith says his engineering knowledge of electronics, signal processing, networking, and communications systems has been invaluable.

“It enabled me to have a deeper understanding of the whole product and the customer's application beyond my specific area of expertise,” he says. “It also made it easier for me to learn new domains and work with people in other disciplines.”