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Bryan Madryga, BEng '93

Electrical Engineering | Reaching new heights in the aerospace industry

Reaching new heights in the aerospace industry

Bryan Madryga is flying high in the career of his dreams.

“I amaze myself every day as I go to work and ask myself, how did I get here? We make airplanes! How cool is that?” says the 1993 Electrical Engineering grad.

“I love the people, the industry, the challenges and the work that I do, along with working on the world's largest purpose-built, state-of-the-art business jet. With the right people, everything is possible.”

An Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer (EMC Integrator) with Bombardier, Madryga’s work focuses on production support in Toronto.

“I am responsible for facilitating the resolution of electrical bonding issues and requirements and supporting aircraft level precipitation static testing,” he says.

It’s the latest role in a career that’s primarily focused on the aerospace industry, with opportunities to work for customers including Lockheed Martin, Boeing (Military, and Commercial), Augusta Westland, COMAC, and Airbus.

Madryga says role models and mentors have helped him progress through ever more responsible roles throughout his career.

“Mentors have given me different viewpoints and different ways of looking at things. I have always studied successful people and done my best to understand what makes them masterful. I learn as much as I can from as many people as I can and surround myself with mastery. By using their insights, I continuously improve my skills in a multitude of areas.”

His advice to today’s students: “Educate yourself in unconventional ways. Stretch yourself – and as Professor Raymond Findlay would tell us – dare to be great. Think about what inspires you.”