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Bhavin Shukla, B.Tech. '14 & M.Eng. '15

B.Tech and Electrical Engineering | Emerging automation systems inspire PEO award winner

Bhavin Shukla says his “undue inquisitiveness” about automation technology and its ability to eliminate human error and make the world a safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly place goes back to his youngest days.

He followed that curiosity through to the B.Tech program, earning his degree in Automation Engineering Technology in 2013. He then completed a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

His enthusiasm for the technology – which he says has gone far beyond traditional industrial automation – has not waned.

“A new generation of sophisticated automation systems using AI technology are emerging rapidly and making spectacular breakthroughs, keeping me inspired to be part of this,” he says.

In 2019, Shukla earned his P.Eng designation, and in the process, was selected as the winner of the S.E. Wolfe Thesis Award by the Council of Professional Engineers Ontario.

The annual award recognizes a candidate who completed the association’s technical examination program with the highest mark on a submitted engineering report.

“I was amazed to receive 98.1% and thrilled to be nominated for the award,” Shukla says. “It is a reflection of the training and guidance I acquired throughout my educational odyssey at McMaster.”

He is currently working for Canada Post as an Electrical Engineer, Automation & Controls. The role sees him working on the design of control systems, programming of computer systems and integration of mechanical, electrical and computer systems.

“The interesting and rather motivating element is to be able to integrate old and new automation technology together,” he says.

Shukla’s advice to today’s students is to see learning as a lifelong journey: “Listen to your innermost feelings and stay focused on the path ahead.”