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Andy Wong, BENG '98

Electrical Engineering | Engineer launches a high-flying career

If you’ve flown on Cathay Pacific and liked your in-flight meal, send your thanks Andy Wong’s way.

Wong, a 1998 electrical engineering grad, is CEO of Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS), one of the world’s largest providers of aviation catering.

The company, which has a production capacity of 140,000 meals a day, serves not only Hong Kong’s home carriers but also 50 or so other airlines whenever they fly out of Hong Kong.

“I certainly didn’t expect to end up working in the travel sector when I first began considering my career in electrical engineering,” says Wong. “But I’ve had many great opportunities to explore different areas and I’ve been surprised at just how transferrable my knowledge has been.”

“I love to travel and one of the highlights of my career has been working with teams from many different geographical locations.”

Through the years, Wong has added an MBA, a law degree and several management programmes to his resume.

He’s spent most of his career working for Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, but also had career stints in South Korea and the Netherlands.

“The exposure you get to other cultures and ways of working when you take up positions overseas is remarkable and invaluable,” he says.

In 2017, he oversaw the development of a new CPCS extension facility that increased operational capacity by about 40 per cent and positioned the company to capitalize on future opportunities when the Hong Kong airport opens a third runway.

Wong urges students to be brave and open-minded about the future. “Opportunities come in ways you won’t expect, so always keep your eyes open.”

“And aside from the actual knowledge you gain during your studies, make sure you establish a strong network that includes your peers, faculty members, and organizations with which you work,” he adds.

“I firmly believe that this is absolutely essential to achieving success in your career – you never know when your paths may cross again in the future.”