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Andrew Ekladious, BEng '18

Electrical Engineering | Building today's computer chips

The world of the semiconductor – the tiny brain that powers today’s sophisticated electronics – is highly competitive, fast-paced and ever-changing.

And for 2018 electrical engineering grad Andrew Ekladious, that’s the best part of his job as a silicon design engineer with semiconductor giant AMD.

“I love the fact that the amount of learning in this industry is never-ending -- engineers with the company for 15 or 20 years still learn new things every day,” he says. “The continuous learning opportunity gives me great satisfaction.”

Joining AMD shortly after graduation, Ekladious has quickly made his way into the role of senior engineer.

“I really enjoy debugging complex problems which do not have a clear root cause, as well as independently making design decisions to help maintain smooth execution of projects.”

He credits co-op experiences at McMaster with helping him get a quick start in the job market and exposing him to a variety of roles in engineering roles in the control and automation, power and software worlds.

Despite that, he says a lot of “self-learning from A to Z” was required to familiarize himself with the semiconductor world when he joined AMD.

He urges students to invest time in learning about the industries that interest them, and the skills needed for success.

“Also connecting with students in your year to discuss career endeavours can open your mind to different opportunities and can help you have a passion for new things,” Ekladious says.

“There is no single way to success, your story will always be different and unique.”


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