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Ameen Mirjan, BEng '10

Electrical Engineering | Engineering better health care 

Ameen Mirjan admits he has taken an “untraditional career path” by following up his 2010 Electrical Engineering degree with a pharmacy degree and doctoral work in oncology drug research and management.

But he says his unusual combination of skills has allowed him to leave a bigger impact on the health care system.

After graduating from McMaster, Mirjan headed to Australia to pursue his interest in health care and earn his pharmacy degree from the University of Queensland. When he returned to Canada, time spent working as a licensed pharmacist at world-leading Toronto hospitals helped focus his interest.

“While working as an inpatient staff pharmacist, I immediately saw the lack of technology utilization in the health care system,” he says. “I’ve decided to dedicate a big portion of my career to integrating technology into the health care system in order to reduce error, decrease cost and maximize efficiency by capitalizing on both my engineering and pharmacy degrees”

Now a University of Toronto Post-Graduate Doctor of Pharmacy candidate, Mirjan is focusing his post-graduate clinical rotations on oncology research and management, with rotations at Canadian and international hospitals. He is currently conducting oncology research at Université Paris Decartes in Paris, France.

He says that he learned more than just engineering skills during his time at McMaster. As a member of the varsity rowing team while earning his engineering degree, the need to juggle athletics and academics helped him hone his time management skills. 

It’s a juggling act he continues today, as he balances hospital work, the completion of his degree, and staying active by running marathons and taking part in long-distance cycling races, rowing regattas and Ironman competitions. 

His advice for today’s students is to think outside the box and continue to learn.

 “The landscape of the current market is very dynamic and keeps shifting, and it is your responsibility to adapt to it,” he says.