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Other Information for Undergrad Students

Engineering Student Services Office

3rd floor of the new Gerald Hatch Centre

905-525-9140 ext.24646

Important Dates & Deadlines (Office Of The Registrar)

Enrollment Guide & Undergraduate Calendar

Course Evaluations

Near the end of each Term, Course Evaluations are conducted for all courses.  You will be notified on Avenue To Learn when the time-frame approaches.

Please complete a Course Evaluation for each one of your courses.  These evaluations help us improve!  Your identity is NOT provided to the departments.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Summer Work and Research

McMaster Work Program

ECE Department summer research work - if you wish to do research in the department over the summer, and do not receive an NSERC USRA award (see the Scholarships section of our website),  you can ask a faculty member if they would be willing to hire you.  Find a faculty member who is involved in the type of research you are interested in, and discuss the possibility with them.  They then discuss the possibility with the ECE Department's Administrative Coordinator (Kerri Hastings).