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W Booth Alumnus Builds Connected SocietiesOctober 5, 2017

ICT engineer Mohammed Elneel, a graduate of the W Booth School (Master of Engineering and Public Policy, 2014), is using wireless technologies to help foster regional economic growth.

As Vice President, Business Development at Accuris Networks Ltd., Mohammed works with a variety of partner organizations that are bringing reliable and affordable Wi-Fi connectivity to individuals and businesses in underserved communities across the African continent and beyond.

Ireland-based Accuris Networks provides solutions that allow internet subscribers in numerous international markets to move seamlessly and securely between networks while ensuring a superior experience. Accuris is a trusted supplier to blue-chip operators around the world, including Bell Canada, AT&T, China Mobile International, and others.

Mohammed has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and extensive work experience on the technical and business development sides of the information and communication industry. He enrolled in the W Booth School to gain a real world understanding of how policy can be used to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and innovative practices. His master’s thesis explores alternative policy frameworks needed to develop smart electrical grid systems.

He now applies competencies learned at the W Booth School in his daily work. This is especially true when interacting with multiple stakeholders involved in the implementation of complex telecom projects in jurisdictions struggling to put in place enabling policy regulations, technical processes and sustainable business models.

Mohammed recalls his experiences at the W Booth School and how they opened his mind to key concepts related to sustainable development, including smart cities and connected societies. “The team of educators at the W Booth School go beyond traditional teaching to empower students with tangible hands-on experiences readily applicable to help solve real world challenges,” he says.

Following graduation, Mohammed started a social enterprise called iPEDStra (Innovative Policy, Entrepreneurship and Design Strategies). Its mission is to become a hub for professionals providing innovative management services to governments and corporations committed to sustainable development.