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Dr. John W. Bandler - From Creativity to Success Via Risk and Setback: Can you disrupt without disrupting?

Dr. John W. Bandler - From Creativity to Success Via Risk and Setback: Can you disrupt without disrupting?

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From Creativity to Success Via Risk and Setback: Can You Disrupt without Disrupting


Abstract: Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship. These days, touted by researcher and administrator alike. But what leads to success? What portends failure? Imagination, facilities, opportunity, leadership, naiveté, hindsight, IQ, charm, favors, money, packaging, branding, humility, aggressiveness, or perhaps simply good luck: what roles do they play? Can you disrupt without disrupting? How much of your recognition is attributable to the subjective perception of others? How have my views on academia, creativity, risk, entrepreneurship, and personal and professional advancement evolved in the decade since I initiated this lecture? Come and find out.

Minefields? Plenty: ethics, over-exposure, secrets, confidentiality agreements, contracts, fear, envy, and more. Should you heed “experts” who see no future in your proposed endeavor? Should you take that well-trodden path and be instantly understood and accepted, or should you persist with your pioneering instinct even in the face of ridicule and rejection?

Job interviews, auditions, performances, meetings, pitches, competitive presentations—all forums for persuasion—are fraught with traps and hidden agendas: respect, empathy, believability, conflicts of interest, plagiarism, fraud, politics, resentment, even the simple attribution of the contributions of others. I draw on successes and failures in both my technical and non-technical domains—including space mapping and its cognitive and everyday analogies—and comment on some monumental corporate disasters.

BRIEF PRESENTER BIOGRAPHY: Award-winning engineer and McMaster professor emeritus, John Bandler, OC, is an educator, entrepreneur, innovator, researcher, artist, speaker, and author of fiction, including stage plays and a short film. See YouTube for examples. See also his 2014 TEDx McMaster U presentation. He has published 500+ technical papers and pioneered the space mapping technology in 1993. In 1997, he sold his company Optimization Systems Associates Inc. to Hewlett-Packard. A Fellow of several societies, including the IEEE and the Royal Society of Canada, he has been honoured by a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, appointed to Officer of the Order of Canada, won the 2018 Gold Medal from Professional Engineers Ontario, and now the 2023 IEEE Electromagnetics Award “For contributions to electromagnetic optimization and the modeling of high-frequency structures, circuits, and devices.” He initiated the first ever 3MT® competition at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium in 2017, co-organizing it annually since. He delivers workshops on entrepreneurship, ethics, awareness, creativity, and creative thinking, and coaches and mentors students and young professionals in communicating their research to general audiences.