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ECE Expo and Mac Eng Capstone Expo

Since 2009-10, at the end of each academic year the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has hosted a dynamic, interactive exhibition of undergrad design projects!  This event gives our final-year undergraduate students the opportunity to formally present their final year capstone design projects, similar to how their graduate student counterparts present their research findings.  It gives students the chance to gain feedback from faculty, peers and staff in their own and other disciplines. 

Originally this exhibition was called "Poster Day", then evolved into "ECE Expo".  In the 2020-21 academic year, the Faculty of Engineering built onto our exhibition to allow undergrads from all Engineering programs to participate, and the name changed to "Mac Eng Expo". 

The projects, designed & developed by groups of ~4 students, are a culmination of the students' years of rigorous undergraduate study.  This event is their chance to show what they have learned to their peers, their famililes, and the world! 

Please join us for this exciting day of discovery!  Everyone is welcome, and it's free admission!  Drop in at your leisure, browse, and ask the students questions!  If you can't make it on the day, videos will be made available for watching at your convenience.

Undergrad Engineering students in all Levels are strongly encouraged to attend to see what they can expect to have achieved by their final year!

For information about accessing the Mac Eng Expo, please see the Events page of the Faculty of Engineering's website: 


What's all the buzz about?

The "ECE Expo" within the "Mac Eng Expo":

Students in our full-year ElecEng 4OI6 capstone course are from the Elec Eng and Comp Eng programs.  They work in groups, sometimes mixing with students in other programs, designing and developing a project using the cumulative knowledge they've gained throughout their degree.

These groups compete for prizes within categories that relate to the areas of study in our programs. During the exhibition they are judged by industry professionals according to certain criteria.  The winners are announced after the event, here on the adjacent "Prize Winners" tab.

Photographs from past ECE Expos and Poster Days can be found on our FlickR page, and videos can be found on our YouTube page.

  • Expo 2020/21 - On April 8, 2020, we had 56 capstone groups present their design projects at our first ever virtual capstone exhibition.  This year the ECE Expo was integrated into the inagural faculty-wide McMaster Engineering capstone exhibition "Mac Eng Capstone Expo".  Most departments did not hold a competition, but we continued our tradition!  Thanks to industry partners and alumni around the world judging the projects, we awarded prizes to the top 25% in each of 4 categories.  Check out the winners and their videos under the Prize Winners header on this page. 
  • ECE Expo 2019/20 - Due to the unfortunate pandemic of Covid-19, and the resulting closure of the university in mid-March, our event had to be cancelled.  In its place, a modified competition by way of video was held for groups who wished to participate.  The winning group project was the Autonomous On-Campus Vehicle.  Videos of other capstone projects from this year can be found on our Youtube channel.
  • ECE Expo 2018/19 - On April 9, 2019, a total of 175 students presented 47 group design projects at this 10th anniversary edition of the event! The top 3 projects in each program category receive cash prizes, along with the "Most Innovative" and "Best Electronic Hardware" prizes being awarded.  Check out this impressive project that will be showcased there - interpretAR
  • ECE Expo 2017/18 - On April 5, 2018, we showcased 48 projects (184 students presenting their group projects).  In addition to the top 3 projects in each category, we presented an inaugural award for the "Most Innovative" design project - all of these awards had cash prizes, courtesy of the ECE Department, and our corporate sponsors Texas Instruments, McMaster eHealth Graduate Program, and The Forge at McMaster.  Keysight Technologies again awarded a "Best Electronic Hardware" prize, and Gap Wireless again donated gift certificates for a raffle!
  • ECE Expo 2016/17 - On April 6, 2017, we had 182 final year students present 50 design projects to the community! Check out the prize winners and our terrific sponsors in the adjacent headers.  Keysight Technologies presented a "Best Electronic Hardware" award, and Gap Wireless provided a raffle of gift certificates!
  • ECE Expo 2015/16 - On April 8, 2016, 157 final year students in our department presented 41 design projects to the community. This year McMaster's W.Booth School of Engineering Practice provided a special award to the student group that demonstrated the most innovative or entrepreneurial idea. The award was $500 for the group, plus each group member was offered a free application to any of the W Booth School's master's degree programs in Engineering Design, Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or Engineering & Public Policy.
  • ECE Expo 2014/15 - On April 7, 2015, over 160 final year students presented 46 design projects to the community. This year the event name was changed from "Poster Day" to "ECE Expo", to reflect the great exhibition that it is!  We were honoured to have a very special guest - James Politeski, President, Enterprise Business & COO of Samsung Electronics Canada, who enjoyed seeing the work of our students.
  • Poster Day 2013/14 - On April 8, 2014, there were 39 design projects in the showcase.
  • Poster Day 2012/13 - On April 10, 2013, a total of 121 students presented 41 design projects.  Electrical and Computer Engineering programs had 30 project groups, and Elec & Biomedical had 11 project groups.
  • Poster Day 2011/12 - On April 4, 2012, a total of 39 design projects were in the showcase - 29 of which were from the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs, and 8 were from the Elec & Biomed program.
  • Poster Day 2010/11 - On April 5, 2011, 39 projects were showcased - 28 from the capstone course ElecEng 4OI6 (Electrical and Computer Engineering programs) and 11 from the capstone course ElecEng 4BI6 (Elec & Biomedical Engineering program).
  • Poster Day 2009/10 - On April 6, 2010, a total of 29 projects were showcased in this inaugural event.

The Next Event

Tuesday April 12, 2022 - on the virtual platform vFairs from 10:00am- 12:00pm, and in-person in CIBC Hall from 1:00- 4:00pm.

Registration is required to access the event portion taking place on vFairs.  Register ahead, or on the day.  Information on registration and more details of the event will be available later in March.

The event set up will be accessible for 30 days, during which time visitors can drop in at any time to view the videos and documents at the unmanned booths. 

For more information on this event, or to be a judge online and/or in-person for the competition of ECE capstone projects,  please contact Tracey Coop at "".

Prize Winners

Cash prizes are awarded for the best design projects in each category.

Various prizes are awarded, as described within each year.

Congratulations to the following prize winning projects!

This year the ECE Expo was integrated with the first ever McMaster Engineering Capstone Expo, but we still held a competition within the ElecEng 4OI6 and ElecEng 4BI6 classes.  With 56 projects in the competition we had a "Most Impressive" design project award, a "Best Electronic Hardware" award, and "Outstanding Achievement" awards for the top 25% in each category.

The winning projects, along with the videos the groups made, were:

Most Impressive design project = Snipe-E: The Automated Air Hockey Robot -

Best Electronic Hardware (courtesty of Keysight Technologies) = Athletic Tracking Assistant -

Outstanding Achievement (noted with project category) in no particular order = 

Cough Helper (Biomed) -

Mimic-Me (Biomed) -

SRM Powertrain Integration (Power/Energy/Auto) -

Plant Condo (Power/Energy/Auto) -

GVIS: Gesture-based Virtual Interaction System (AI/Software/Cloud/Games) -

PLI: Progressive Lens Identifier (AI/Software/Cloud/Games) -

Risk Ray (AI/Software/Cloud/Games) -

Salut: Virtual Doctor's Assistant (AI/Software/Cloud/Games) -

MuvMat (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -

BravEye (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -

Droomba (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -

Modular Prosthetic Devices (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -

Netflip (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -

EcoScope (Robotics/Controls/Signal Processing) -


Due to Covid-19, this year we were unable to hold the ECE Expo. In place of the competition at the event, we held a modified competition!  For this optional competition, capstone groups were invited to submit a video of their project, to be judged by ECE professors!  

The winning group/project was "Autonomous On-Campus Vehicle".  Congratulations to group members Anoop Gadhrri, Sohaib Al-Emara, Harjeevan Maan, Mohammad Mahmood Dawood and Yih-Chyuan Hsiao, for an outstanding project! 

Check out the video !

1st Place Electrical Engineering = BOSS system : Nicholas Amorim, Dyllan Appelbohm, Allan Hieng, Mackenzie Wiens

1st Place Computer Engineering = The Oris : Lucia Iannantuono, Eric Kamada, Simon Ly, Stefano Vitucci

1st Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Mello :  Tyler Brown, Michael Dimitrov, Lauren Liu, Evan Skelsey

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = SmartPark : Jeddrick Pablico, Yiqian Qin, Michael Sefin, Ran (Emma) Zhang

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Drum Auto-Tuner : Weijian Chen, Yicheng (Alex) Wang, Weichao Wang, Xiaoqian (Lucy) Xing

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Oxii Labs sensor : Christine Horner, Tommy Kwan, Mark Suan, Aditya Thakkar

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Braking Bad : Kevin Chung, Joshua Fitzpatrick, Calvin Ho, Cameron Killins

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Smart Cross : Brian Chung, Sushanta Ghosh, Augustino Pellegrino, Shardha Shah

3rd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = The sCan : Ali Ammar, Michael Bagnowski, Andy Fan, Andy Gonzalez

Most Innovative Design Project = interpretAR : Arvin Angue, Milos Bijelic, Justin Chau, Brandon Rufino

Best Electronic Hardware = SleepEasy : Balwant Farmaha, Hitarth Patel, Palden Shawootsang, Alexander Wong

1st Place Electrical Engineering = DAS - Drive Awareness System: Matthew Barbuto, David Burke, Michael Dimmick, Matt Zaborski

Elec 1st place

1st Place Computer Engineering = Chi Bot Tea Maker: Nicholas Raffa, Scott Semotiuk, Peter-John Stypa, Andrei Tichenkov

Comp 1st place

1st Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = NaviGait: Firas Anabtawi, Rishi Sikka, Neyoshaan Uthayakumaran

Biomed 1st place


2nd Place Electrical Engineering = NAV X: Aquib Azhar, Tyler Pharand, Jose Javier Salermo Montes de Oca, Aditya Shahani

Elec 2nd place

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Speech Buddy: Austin Mackillop, Abdul Moiz Muhammad, Mehant Parkash, Shan Sangha

Comp 2nd place

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = red-I: Albert Nguyen, Sashini Senarath, Siddhanth Shekhar, Harry Sivasambu

Biomed 2nd place


3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Project Stargazer: Jason Kiefer, Robert Mascitelli

Elec 3rd place

3rd Place Computer Engineering = RePose: Sami Nehme, James Pasierbski, Sebastian Witek

Comp 3rd place

3rd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Parachute: Taylor deVet, Glenne Grossman, Jamal Habash, Cameron Nowikow

Biomed 3rd place


Most Innovative design project of ECE Expo 2018 = A-Eye: Jashan Kang, Ryan Ramdial, Nezar, Nishant Sulay

Most Innovative 2018

Best Electronic Hardware (a multimeter for each student, courtesy of Keysight Technologies) = Electric Vehicle Power Flow Controller & Regulator: Ron Haber, Marshall Hanmer, Andrew Mills, Christian Scott

 Best Electronic Hardware 2018

1st Place Electrical Engineering = The RAD (Radiation Aerial Detector): Jacob Gareau, Milan Kordic, Petru (Peter) Palcu, Winston Vernon

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Eye Quest: Artur Gaca, Sagi Rashish, Daniel Roberts, Opeyemi (Ope) Salau

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Little Heart Analyzer: Emilie Corcoran, Alex Lao, Thomas Phan, Christina Riczu

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = Smart Table: Samuel Chin-Cheong, Mahfuzur Muhith, Lovepreet Randhawa, Ali Rizk

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Sign-Along: Owais Ahmed, Salman Alam, Tyler DeSouza, Shweta Sharma

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Sleep Sense: Alexis Goodwin, Adam Rocque, Andrew Wynn-Williams

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = E-Guardian: Alison Bayzat, Moeenqaisar Mamaparo, Mark Nolle, Isabela Ozamiz

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Master LockBlaster: Jordan Bezugly, Muhammad Hessam, Justin Kwan

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = The sKan: Shivad Bhavsar, Rotimi Fadiya, Prateek Mathur, Michael Takla

In 2017 a new award was offered, thanks to Keysight Technologies. They provided a "Best Electronic Hardware" award, and gave a multimeter to each student in the winning group. Congratulations to the winning project group "BatCap": Yih-Jwu (E2)Hsiao, Dimitrije Jankovic, Jimmy Nguyen, and Pranav Rawal (from Elec & Biomed).


1st Place Electrical Engineering = The Smart Socket: Jonathan Adams, Derek Barnes, Matthew Pawelke, Gerrit Westenberg 

 1st Place Computer Engineering = The Dartless Dartboard: Kevin Abraham, Michael Miranda, Estime Ntwari, Bayezin Selim

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = HandsOn: Bhavesh Kakwani, Bhavit Patel, Xinyan (Tom) Yang

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = The Helping Hand: Eugene Evseyev, Daniel Koh, Alex Mekic, Michael Tran

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Tactile Height Varying Shape Display: Daniyal Ajmi, Andrew Cording,  Arnold Prem, Tong (Tony) Wu

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = SidsCrib: Mohsin Khan, Olivia Paserin, Rami Saab, Kosuke Shimizu

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Interactive Piano Teacher: James Harper, Bo Lian, Sofia Vasilyeva, Kevin Zielinski

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Applications of Visual Light Communications: Ricky Hu, Colin Nurnberg, Damilola Oyero, Vinodh Rodrigues

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Cognosco: John Albert Barberiz, Mandakini Jain, Akiv Jhirad, Larona Toteng

A special award was offered from McMaster's W. Booth School of Engineering Practice recognizing innovation and entrepreneurial merit - a group prize of $500 cash, and each member was offered a free application to any of the WBSEP master's degree programs in Engineering Design, Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or Engineering & Public Policy.  The winners were the “Eye Tracking (EOG)” group - Khalid Asad, Danishbir Gill, Bhautik Gandhi, and Vishal Kharker.

Eye Tracking

1st Place Electrical Engineering = Glove Integrated Electrical Test and Analysis Apparatus: Andrew Hoang, Warren Pawlikowski, Samuel Rawson, Daniel Shaughnessy

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Illuminous: Shivam Bhojak, Zhe (Gavin) Chen, Tanguy Hector, Xiaoxu Zheng

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Imito-64: Andrew Mahabal, Dickson Wong, Dennis Yazhemsky

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = Single Source: Esam Abdulsatar, Patrick Hung, Maano Moilwa, Craig Sloggett

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Angry Birds In Motion: Zihao Bai, Fred Lin, Chen Tang

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = ReducTrem: Wilfred Cho, Paul Malcolm, Daniel Tajik

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Bandmate: Jonathan Chong, Scott Heath, Daniel Perlman, Jordan Robinson

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Lego Sorter: Michael Bot, Haoding Li, Mark Shanks, Ross Willett

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = EOG Hearing Assistive Device: Emily Au, Rebecca Gagnon, Magy Salib

1st Place Electrical EngineeringRemote 3D Vision: Mike Eull, Omar Faiz, Jonathan Moscardini, George Williams

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Digital Water Curtain: Ola Al-Bassam, Mohamad Al-Dahwe, Tianlan Wang, Di Yang

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = NOISE-Neural Oscillation Identification & Signal Extraction: Alex Bowes, Trevor Hilton, Elliott O'Brien, Larissa Taylor

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = The Electric Trike: Colin Anderson, Scott Banks, Bradley McNeil, Peter Skomorowski

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Self-Playing Piano: Edwin Blanco, Patrick Dennis, Keshav Goyal

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Serenity - A Navigational System for the Visually Impaired: Jaskaran Dhillon, Bojan Gavrilovic, Eric Lesiuta, Dwip Shah, Saurabh Shaw

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Robotic Goalkeeper: Xiaodong Chen, JiuXin Wang, Zhen Hong Wang, Shiyuan Wu

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Laser Sensing & Targeting Device: Calvin Bouwman, Berkin Can, Ranko Ivetic, Pawel Wojt

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical EngineeringSTIMUSKEL- Stroke Rehabilitation Device: Alexander Figueroa, Astrik Golendukhin, Jason Paquette

1st Place Electrical EngineeringBLADES - BiPedal Electrically Actuated Drive System: Ali Ahad, Amanda Anton, Philip Deljanov

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Multipurpose Cartographer CNC System: Ivica Kvasina, Walter LaPlante, Nick Playle

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Hands-free Accessibility Computer Interface: David Newman, Samantha Williams, Trinette Wright

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = The ElectroCruiser: Nilay Desai, Negin Mahmoodi, Ankur Malik, Vatsal Panchal, Vikram Sridhar

2nd Place Computer Engineering = iEYE: Jianning Huang, Bo Qin, Baidong Sun, Qiang Zheng

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Optimization of Brain Computer Interface for Wheelchair Control: Emily Bot, Deanna Socha, Garni Tatikian

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = People Counting With IR Camera: Dinu Amarasinghe, Stuart Pritchard, Alex Van Heuvelen, Artur Winiarek

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Lecture Me: Soroush Akbarzadeh, Stefan Dye, Nicholas Paris, Maneesha Senarath

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = NeoTrace: Aditi Chemparathy, Akalvizhy Elanko, Anuja Goyal

1st Place Electrical Engineering = Green Door: Mike Dawson, Luke Drijber, Scott Gooding, Jeremy Jakob

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Mobile Patient Monitoring System: Asad Baig, Roshny Francis, Rohit Jayaprakash, Pratik Purohit, Umer Zafar

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Brain Computer Interface (Controlling a Wheelchair): Sartaj Dua, Anton Lodder, Zeeshan Razvi

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = Speed Bump Power Generating System: Sunny Attarde, Justin Pilakka, Haneet Randhawa

2nd Place Computer Engineering = FPGA Based Chess Engine: Corey Ballantyne, Alex Kavagoe, Byron Sinclair, Andrew Taylor

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = EMG Responsive Flexor Knee Brace: Daniel Gelman, Garret McConville, Ziqi Wang

3rd Place Electrical Engineering = Easily Programmable Robotic Arm: Steven Li

3rd Place Computer Engineering = Automatic 3D Modeller: Jacob Alexander, Gary Dew, Thomas Griffatong, Sheldon Keeping

3rd Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Neonatal Movement Monitoring System: Nilanthy Balendra, Maureen Chan, Mridula Ajit Kumar

1st Place Electrical EngineeringDynamic Demand Controller: Nathan Cox, Deepak Gidwani, Varun Goyal

 1st Place Computer Engineering = Projecting Into The Future: Jeffrey Coletti, Anita Jagdeo, Joseph Veloce, Caroline Youssef

 1st Place Electrical & BioMedical Engineering = Semi-Autonomous Navigation System of Smart Wheelchairs: Maggie Chen, Samantha Chan, Mojdeh Sadeghi

2nd Place Electrical Engineering = Mobileyez - Smartphone-based Home Surveillance: Diksha Dhall, Mohammad Arij Khan, Fahad Khan, Hitesh Patel, Mehran Reza

2nd Place Computer Engineering = Low Cost 3GHz VNA: Chris Kruitz, Navdeep Pama, Gabriele Pavone, Greg Schneider

2nd Place Electrical & Biomedical Engineering = Central Sleep Apnea Detection and Stimulation: Mohammed Islam, Steven Kinio, Taimur Qasim


Electrical Engineering: 1st Place = Maximum Point Power Tracker Charge Controller for Photovoltaic Power Systems: Tim Bernasch, Marcin Kanczuga, Simon Kokosza, Janan Rajeevikaran

Electrical Engineering: 2nd Place (tie) = Non-invasive Wireless Health Monitor: Gagandeep Chambal, JohnMark de Mello, Matheus Medeiros, Premal Parekh, Harinder Thind

Electrical Engineering: 2nd Place (tie) = Quad-X Super Phuphar: Anil Aslam, Shaheer Khan, Hasan Sarfraz, Usman Waseem

Computer Engineering: 1st Place = A 3D Camera: Khaled Chebaro, Lucas Dobrowolski, Yaser Jafar, Charles Wah

Computer Engineering: 2nd Place = Contactless Mobile ECG: Hanseul Choi, Christoph Larndorfer, Emily Lukes, Reinhard Peer

Electrical & BioMedical Engineering: 1st Place = A system to Quantify Upper Limb Function: Larissa Schudlo, Natalie Tong

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering: 2nd Place (tie) = Hybrid System for Fall Detection & Fall Prevention: Binh Nguyen, Jonathan Tomkun

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering: 2nd Place (tie) = Accelerometry Posture Correction System: Nanxi Zha, David Zhitomirsky

Our sponsors

This showcase of what budding engineers can do draws great interest from industry.  Company representatives who come to judge at the event have such a great experience that they often come again!  Having judges from industry is a win-win situation - our graduating students get to network with professionals in industry, potentially getting employment leads, and the company representatives can see new ideas and talent!

For details, please contact Kelly -

We truly appreciate all of our sponsors!  Please check out our wonderful sponsors below.



Keysight Technologies - who kindly provided the Best Electronic Hardware Award (a multimeter for each student on the winning team)

Corporate Sponsors:

Texas Instruments (TI)

Keysight Technologies

ON Semiconductor


McMaster eHealth Graduate Program

Liberty Airport Systems

Gap Wireless

Sponsors providing Judges for the day:



Hydro One

IDC (Intelligent Diagnosis Corporation)


JMP Engineering



Texas Instruments (TI)


Coroporate Sponsors:

Texas Instruments (TI)


Sponsors providing Judges for the day:



Event Coverage

ECE Expo photographs can be found on our FlickR page, and project videos can be found on our YouTube page.


Success Stories

Some of our Capstone Project groups have had success beyond graduating from McMaster's ECE program.

The sKan

The sKan

The sKan, designed in ECE's Electrical & Biomedical Engineering program 2016/17, has been further developed and is winning very impressive awards!

Winner of the 2017 International James Dyson award

The Forge student start-up competition 2017

The CPR Glove

The CPR Glove

The CPR Glove, a device designed in ECE's Electrical & Biomedical Engineering program 2006/07, has been widely recognized.  The inventors, Corey Centen and Nilesh Patel won the U.S. Collegiate Inventors Competition's undergraduate category award, and Time Magazine selected the glove as one of the best health inventions of 2007.

CBC News

High School Experiences

At ECE Expo 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting two classes of local Grade 12 students and their teachers - Mr. Rene White of Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School in Ancaster, and Ms. Judith Hanta of St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton.  Mr. White told us that they all thought the ECE Expo was absolutely amazing, that it excited the students and transformed their vision of post-secondary education!  

These students are part of a new special program that the HWCDSB and McMaster have partnered with.  It deals with transitional issues from Secondary to Post-Secondary, Undergraduate to Graduate studies, and university to industry.  Visiting the ECE Expo provided an opportunity for the students to see a contextual learning experience and how it relates to their life long learning and employability. 

Mr. White had his students do an assignment on their visit!  The students listened to the project groups' presentations, asked them questions, and wrote a report.  Some of their reports are linked below.

We look forward to welcoming teachers and students from the HWCDSB again to our ECE Expo!