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Co-op Program for B.Tech. Degree Completion Program Students

This page will outline information on the co-op program and credit for B.Tech. Degree Completion Program students. 

The Co-op Program for Bachelor of Technology, Degree Completion Program students is a mandatory program that allows students to gain engineering work experience prior to graduation. Students are required to complete a minimum of 8-months of work experience. The McMaster Engineering – Bachelor of Technology (DCP) program requires students to complete the following two courses prior to registration in final academic term.


How to receive credit for these courses?

Option 1 - Admission Co-op Credit Successful completion of co-op work term experience using transfer credit from relevant co-op completed in a college program. This will be assessed upon admission to your McMaster degree program and listed in your admissions letter.

Option 2 - Prior Learning Assessment: Current or Previous Program Specific Employment Experience Completion of a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to recognize significant work experience in a related field. Credit can be given towards your co-op requirements for this experience. All documents are online and will be submitted via your student OSCARplus account.

  • To activate: Go to and log in under the Student/ Alumni Login using your McMaster Student ID and Password
  • Under the Dashboard tab select the tab Select a Form
  • Under Category select Engineering Co-op

Under Sub-Category select the DCP PLA Form. Once the form appears fill out the required information and upload any required documents. Once you have completed the form press Save. When submitted the Recruitment Assistant will review your application and contact you with any further steps.

Related Costs: $100 University administration fee per 4-month approval. *8 months, total cost $200.00

Option 3 - Co-op Option Completion of the co-op work terms while registered in the Degree Completion Program at McMaster University. Engineering Co-op and Career Services will provide access to hundred of co-op job postings available in length from 4 – 16 months. You must complete a minimum of 8 months of co-op work experience to graduate. You are eligible to apply and work in co-op jobs longer than 8 months. Students electing to go on co-op, must start co-op before you have 9 units or fewer remaining in your DCP program requirements. While on co-op, you may take up to 2 DCP courses, with approval from the Manager of Engineering Co-op.

Step 1: Register for the DCP Co-op Prep Course, ENGTECH 1ET0 through Mosaic

Step 2: Email Recruitment Assistant, to schedule a time to complete the ENGTECH 1ET0 course. This must be completed before you are eligible to go out for co-op work terms. 

Step 3: Fill out the DCP Registration Agreement and submit it to the Career Development and Relationship Manager. This form will be given to you at the time you take ENGTECH 1ET0. 

Step 4: (International Students Only): International students must have a valid co-op work permit before they go out for a co-op work term. Please refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website for more information. 

 Related Costs: $600 per 4-month work term.

For questions 

Co-op Requirements

Academic Advising Requirements

Elisa Bozzeli

905-525-9140 x22571

Hannah Abram

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