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Jennifer Bauman, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jennifer Bauman is an assistant professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research focuses on the electrification of transportation, working to develop new technologies that improve vehicle design, reduce costs and ease the integration of electrical vehicles into society.

Jennifer Bauman's research group's aim is to contribute to the electrification of transportation through the development of new concepts and technologies that improve vehicle design, reduce vehicle cost, and ease electric vehicle integration into society. The research focuses on 3 different levels of detail:

Low Level: Power Electronics

They explore new power electronic converter topologies and control methods, as well as the use of wide-band gap devices, in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost of the electronic components in powertrains.

Mid Level: Vehicle Design and Control

Her group performs optimization studies on various hybrid and electric powertrain designs in order to find and quantify system-level benefits. They use extensive vehicle modeling to enable these studies.

High-Level: EV Integration

Dr. Bauman studies the effects of increased penetration of EVs on the grid and investigate the challenges and opportunities that will come with a widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Bauman is set apart from other researchers in her field by her work on all three levels of detail in this area of research. Many researchers focus solely on one or two levels of detail but very few are working on full integration, which allows Dr. Bauman to find connections between the three levels that might not be made when looking at the levels individually.