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Rob Bruggeman, BEng Mgt '94

Civil Engineering & Management | Mining for Money

Rob Bruggeman knows money and he knows mining.

And that makes him an invaluable resource for junior mining companies looking to navigate the capital markets.

“I help them with investor marketing, raising money, corporate strategy, as well as providing advice on mergers and acquisitions,” says Bruggeman, a consultant, president of Alpha Advisory Services Inc., and director of several mining companies. “I periodically also do independent investment research for hedge funds.”

A 1994 graduate of the Civil Engineering & Management program, Bruggeman followed up his engineering degree with an MBA in finance and strategy from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

And while he’s spent most of his career working in the money world, he says his engineering credentials continue to boost his credibility in the very technical world of mining, which is dominated by geologists and engineers.

“I love the freedom and flexibility that my role provides, and I really love doing research and expanding my knowledge base,” he says.

 “My career highlight was working as a research analyst on the proprietary trading desk at TD Securities,” he adds. “It was research on steroids because I was following the entire Canadian stock market looking for investment and trading opportunities. It also didn't hurt that we made a lot of money.”

Bruggeman urges students not to be afraid to try different things in order to discover a passion.

 “If you love what you do, success and happiness are likely to follow,” he says.

“Also, recognize that you will go farther if you surround yourself with motivated, high-quality people at work.  That is especially true with superiors.  If you work for an excellent boss, try to stay loyal to them and follow them as their career progresses.  There is a good chance that your career will benefit from their success.”