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Lindsay McCauley, BEng '13

Civil Engineering | Off the Beaten Path to the Highway

With the perspective of a bit of time and distance, Lindsay McCauley looks back on her post-graduation challenges to find her place in the engineering world and offers reassurance to today’s students.

“Don’t doubt the process,” she says. “I personally struggled to find an engineering role following graduation and I was discouraged. Eventually, the right opportunity came up and I am grateful it happened when it did. Basically, be flexible and trust that things will work out.”

That journey has led McCauley to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, where she works as a Senior Transport Planner.

 “My primary role is working on behalf of the Hertfordshire County Council to review planning applications from a highways perspective, and provide local planning authorities with a recommendation based on highway planning policy and local constraints,” she says.

“I also work on the other side of the fence, preparing documents to facilitate planning applications for private developers and I get involved with other planning projects, looking at the highway networks, suggesting improvements and determining the feasibility of schemes.” 

After earning her B.Eng in Civil Engineering in 2013, McCauley started working with a contractor doing land surveying at a Northern Ontario mine. That led to a position as an EIT Transport Engineer with Opus International Consultants in Vancouver.

After a year and a half, she “jumped at the chance” to take on a job as a Transport Planner with Opus in London, England. A promotion, change of location and purchase of Opus has McCauley now working for WSP UK in Cardiff UK.

The opportunity to work abroad has been a highlight of her developing career, allowing her to learn about a different country while honing her skills and developing relationships in Canada, the UK and beyond.

 “I couldn't be happier with my journey - it was a bumpy one, slightly off the beaten path, but it's been great,” she says.