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Degree Options:

B.Eng.Society (Co-op Optional)

Bachelor of Engineering & Society

Exploring the human side of engineering is the purpose of the Engineering & Society program, which examines the complex interactions between technology and society.

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Engineering & Society is offered for students in all departments at McMaster, under the direction of Cameron Churchill, Professor of Civil Engineering.

Through core courses that deal with the culture, history and social control of technology, the program develops broadly educated, resourceful engineers with a multidisciplinary outlook and strengths in communication and effective interaction with others.


Admission Requirements

Admission to Level II Engineering Programs

 Admission to Level II Engineering programs requires completion of all 31 units of required Engineering I courses. Students must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0. All programs have limited enrolment; should there be more applicants than the limiting number in any program, admission to that program will be based on the students Cumulative Grade Point Average.

 Students admitted to a B.Eng.Society program are required to submit a statement indicating the educational objectives for the focus electives.

 Students seeking admission to the Engineering and Management program, or the Engineering and Society program must first be admitted to the relevant department. Thereafter, they will be considered for admission to one of these two programs.

Co-op and Experiential Learning

The Engineering Co-op Program provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable experiences while working in engineering positions before you graduate.  The Co-op Program is administered by the engineering Co-op and Career Services Department (ECCS).