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Degree Options:

B.Eng.Management (Co-op Optional)

Bachelor of Engineering & Management

Engineering and Management at McMaster is a unique five year program that integrates the technical education of the engineer with a business education for management.

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This integrated program has the following advantages:

Opportunity for students to explore both their management and technical potential
High rates of employment at graduation
Starting salary premium at graduation
More rapid progression to senior management positions
One year’s credit towards an MBA at McMaster and other universities
 In addition the program offers the option of up to 28 months of co-op work experience and opportunities to go on international student exchanges.

The McMaster Engineering and Management Program includes all the learning of a fully accredited engineering degree with the core business learning from a fully accredited business school, plus the integrating courses and experiences which mobilize the synergies of the combination.

Admission Requirements

Admission to Level II Engineering Programs

 Admission to Level II Engineering programs requires completion of all 31 units of required Engineering I courses. Students must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0. All programs have limited enrolment; should there be more applicants than the limiting number in any program, admission to that program will be based on the students Cumulative Grade Point Average.

 In addition, admission to a B.Eng.Mgt. program requires the completion of ECON 1B03 with a minimum grade of 5.0; an interview may also be required.

 Students seeking admission to the Engineering and Management program, or the Engineering and Society program must first be admitted to the relevant department. Thereafter, they will be considered for admission to one of these two programs.


Co-op and Experiential Learning

The Engineering Co-op Program provides you with the opportunity to gain valuable experiences while working in engineering positions before you graduate.  The Co-op Program is administered by the engineering Co-op and Career Services Department (ECCS).