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Dr. Georgios Balomenos

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering; Resilience and Sustainability of Infrastructure; Multi-hazard Risk Assessment; Resilience-based and Multi-Hazard Design; Risk Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructure; Structural Reliability and Optimization
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Dr. Georgios Balomenos was the Shell Center for Sustainability Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University with an appointment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His postdoctoral research focused on understanding and enhancing the sustainability of coastal infrastructure, through risk and resilience assessment of energy and transportation infrastructure subjected to hurricane hazards, with case studies in the Houston Ship Channel region. Dr. Balomenos received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada, where his research was focused on structural reliability using surrogate modeling and finite element analysis. Prior to his Ph.D. studies Dr. Balomenos received two 5-year engineering Diplomas (the first in Environmental Engineering and the second in Civil Engineering) and a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Hydroinformatics from the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. Some of his research interests include resiliency and risk assessment of infrastructure systems under multiple hazards, identification of risk mitigation strategies, probabilistic finite element analysis and structural reliability. Dr. Balomenos is an associate member of the ASCE/ACI Committees 445-Shear and Torsion, 447-Finite Element Analysis of RC Structures and ACI 348-Structural Reliability and Safety.


Diploma (5-year curriculum), M.Sc. (DUTH, Greece), Ph.D. (Waterloo)


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