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Shaffiq Jaffer, PhD '98

Chemical Engineering | Searching out tomorrow’s science

In the face of climate change, how do we transform the world’s energy supply?

It’s a daunting question, but one that’s fundamental to Shaffiq Jaffer’s job.

As VP of Corporate Science and Technology Projects at global energy giant Total, Jaffer has spent the last decade pursuing new visions and areas of science that might answer that question.

“I instigate collaborative projects with academics, governments, startups and private research companies to help Total build its pipeline of future developments that will provide energy and chemicals while achieving the carbon intensity targets in the Sustainable Development Scenario (2C target) of the International Energy Agency (IEA),” he explains.

With a focus on developing novel technologies and ideas across the research community, his collaborations support more than 150 graduate students working in areas ranging from conventional and unconventional fossil fuels to biofuels, energy storage, photovoltaic, materials science and more.

Last year, Jaffer, who earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1998 and holds six patents, was recognized for his accomplishments with an induction into the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

He encourages today’s students to find passion and maintain balance in life, but also to recognize the importance of continuing to pursue knowledge.

“Never stop learning – this is critical to remain competitive in the global workplace,” he says.