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Industry Partners

Ranked among the world’s top engineering schools, the Faculty of Engineering plays a significant role in helping McMaster University earn its reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative universities.

Our Faculty of Engineering enjoys strong links with industry in Canada, across North America and around the world. A range of strategic partnerships with industry, including joint funding of industrial research chairs, sharing of research equipment, transfer of intellectual property and consulting, providing industry with ideas, products and skilled people, and give faculty and students a way to stay on top of industry needs and to address the grand challenges facing our world.


We Support Industry Innovation and Commercialization

  • Get a first-hand opportunity to recruit fresh talent trained to work with the newest technologies

  • Apply fresh perspectives and expertise to your design and manufacturing challenges

  • Explore new processes without shutting down operations

  • Gain privileged access to unique facilities and state  of the art equipment

  • Obtain exclusive access to licensing of emerging technology development

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McMaster Engineering Industry Innovation in the News

In the Media: Sartorius and McMaster University to ‘perfect’ antibody manufacturing process

August 25, 2021 /  Department News

In the Media: Sartorius and McMaster University to ‘perfect’ antibody manufacturing process

McMaster University and Sartorius have teamed up to improve the efficiency of chromatography in the large-scale manufacture of antibody and virus-based treatments.

Creating sustainable fuels for a low-carbon future

December 9, 2020 /  Department News

Creating sustainable fuels for a low-carbon future

Researchers at McMaster University are partnering with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) to make Canada’s energy economy more sustainable for generations to come.

New first-year engineering program to offer innovative virtual labs and design projects

May 29, 2020 /  Department News

New first-year engineering program to offer innovative virtual labs and design projects

McMaster Engineering’s project-based course for incoming students was designed from the start to succeed in a virtual setting.

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McMaster has a long history and a respected reputation for working with the local Hamilton community and Canadian Industry. Our focus on experiential, problem-based learning and our inter-disciplinary approach to collaboration results in smarter insights and ground-breaking ideas that enable us to push the boundaries of discovery while exploring emerging areas and technologies that provide our connected businesses with greater competitive advantage in local and international markets.

Our collaborative approach enables us to connect industry with state of the art equipment, expertise and highly-skilled students. And it allows our students to jump start their careers by putting them in direct contact with industry ahead of graduation.


"Nobody wants to miss the next Uber or the next Airbnb...We're seeing it already. VC's will fly to...Hamilton to make sure they don't miss the next giant...If you have a fresh idea, try it. Because that fresh perspective could be what disrupts industry."

Brandon Lee, Consul General to Canada in Silicon Valley, McMaster Alumnus '99


Engineering Solutions for Industry 

Our emerging talent and seasoned experts collaborate with governments, the private sector, and other institutions to discover, design and commercialize tomorrow's most innovative technologies.

Click the PDFs below to learn how we are supporting key sectors in Canada and across the globe.

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Industry and Innovation in the News

Our researchers and students continue to make impact with our local and international industry partners, through use of our facilities, training highly qualified personnel, and collaborating on research and development projects. Below are some examples of the various ways that our researchers are supporting industry, and how industry is enriching our students' experiential education. 

McMaster researchers team up with Sartorius to advance biomanufacturing processes with next-generation technologies

August 24, 2021

McMaster researchers team up with Sartorius to advance biomanufacturing processes with next-generation technologies

A four-year partnership between chemical engineering researchers at McMaster and Sartorius, a global leader in biomanufacturing, will improve manufacturing processes of antibody and virus-based treatments for diseases like COVID-19, cancers and genetic disorders.

Powering a new paradigm

July 23, 2021

Powering a new paradigm

Founded by McMaster Engineering’s Ali Emadi, Enedym aims to supply world’s need for lower cost and more sustainable electric motors.

Our researchers help industry realize their ideas, maximize their efficiencies, and 


Civil Engineer Saiedeh Razavi develops and tests high-tech and smart sensor-based solutions that help save lives in construction zones by detecting hazards near workers, equipment operators and vehicles in work zones.She is sharing her expertise with Dufferin Construction Co. and Fortran Traffic Systems Ltd.

Health Innovation

Mechanical Engineer Ravi Selvaganapathy is developing reactive inks for use in applications ranging from contact lenses to computer keyboard springs. The project involves Structur3d Printing, Silcotech and Siltech.


Mechanical Engineer Jim Cotton is helping Pizza Pizza find ways to gather energy by harvesting heat from pizza ovens. With $3.8 M in funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund, Cotton is developing integrated energy systems for small-scale industrial processes. 


For more about how our researchers are making impact for industry, click to learn about our research clusters & entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

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McMaster Engineering is committed to engineering solutions through collaboration. Our researchers are eager to collaborate with government, the private sector, and other institution to discover, design, and commercialize innovative new technologies and materials for today's markets. We are also committed to immersing our students in industry, to boosting their entrepreneurial drive, and to giving them new opportunities with start ups and seasoned industry leaders.