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Materials engineering professor wins prestigious steel industry award October 22, 2018

Joseph McDermid, materials science and engineering professor, has won the 2018 Dale CH Nevison Award, which recognizes a person in the galvanizing field who has made a significant contribution to the industry.

“I am deeply honoured and flattered by the decision of the Galvaniziers Association to give me the Nevison Award,” says McDermid.  

As the NSERC/Stelco Industrial Research Chair in Advanced Coated Steels from 2003 to present, McDermid has focused on integrating and developing new grades of advanced high strength steels for automotive weight reduction and safety enhancement with the continuous galvanizing process, the most widely practiced and cost-effective means of protecting steels against corrosion.

McDermid recently received the Nevison Award at the Galvanizers Association’s Annual Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee.  

Each year, the Galvanizers Association may present an award to the person in the galvanizing or related field who has made a significant contribution to the interest of this Corporation and the industry it represents. The Dale CH Nevison Award is awarded by the Association to the individuals that demonstrate the excellence Dale aspired to for the Galvanizers Association and the industry.