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Opportunities & Challenges of Growing an Engineering Company

Opportunities & Challenges of Growing an Engineering Company

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JHE 264


Join us for an engaging seminar given by Marlene Cardin, the Project Leader at ProSensus! She will be sharing her experiences about “Opportunities and Challenges of Working and Growing a Small Engineering Company”. This is a collaborative event hosted by the Forge and the Department of Chemical Engineering. 

"Marlene has a bachelors and Master’s degree in chemical engineering from McMaster University, completing her MASc under ProSensus founder, Dr. John F. MacGregor. She began her career working as a process engineer at Dofasco before joining ProSensus in 2007. Marlene will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of working for and growing a small engineering company. She will also highlight some of ProSensus’ struggles and key success factors. With small businesses being responsible for ~77 % of all job growth many engineering students can expect to have careers with similar challenges and opportunities."