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How to land a “dream job” and stay in charge of your career?

How to land a “dream job” and stay in charge of your career?

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Every graduate engineering student probably has a “dream job” in mind upon graduation. In reality, this dream job may or may not become reality or it may take a few attempts to fulfil. Is this a problem? Not at all, and we’ll offer a few strategies how to deal with this, from an engineering standpoint. On the other hand, every employer has big expectations from their highly qualified work-force, MSc and PhD engineers, and this is quite understandable. Some employers value employee career development more than others and they put generous time and resources towards it; however, there is a bit of a catch here and engineering graduates should be aware of it. And then there are trends, biases, soft (people) skills vs. technical skills, quest for innovation and sustainability, “flattening” of organizational structures, etc. The trends are a powerful factor in the workplace, and they should not be ignored, but one should be mindful of their “expiry date”. We plan to touch on a few powerful trends and put them in a job-hunting/career developing context. Finally, the presenter will offer a few tips for landing a “perfect job”, then for having a terrific start at a new company, developing a steady career pace, and for ultimately finishing strong and moving on.


Dr. Marko Saban is an Adjunct Professor at McMaster University where he has been teaching Plant Design and Simulation course (4W04) since 2011. He retired from Xerox Research Centre of Canada in 2018 as Director of Scale-Up Engineering Lab, after an amazing 27-year career. In addition to teaching at Mac he is currently also working at the U of T as a course consultant for U of T’s Plant Design course. During his tenure at Xerox he has hired, managed, and mentored probably over 100 young engineers; through his teaching and Mac and the U of T he has taught about 300 students to date. He is passionate about chemical processing and about  helping young engineering talent find good jobs. In his spare time Marko is a master rower and therefore there might be some sport analogies thrown in his presentation...