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Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT)

Organization that facilitates study of optical, electrical, mechanical and biological properties of semiconductors and related materials and promotes the development of technology based on these materials. 


Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT) is an organization that facilitates study of the optical, electrical, mechanical, and biological properties of semiconductors and related materials and promotes the development of technology based on these materials. 

Today, the Centre is made up of faculty members and graduate students from the various departments under both Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Sciences:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry & Chemical Biology
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Geography & Earth Sciences

The Centre’s focus has been on photonics and optical materials & devices, however, the approaches and applications are extremely diverse. Further, the research interests span a diverse area.  We develop lasers, MEMS, detectors, waveguide devices, and much more. Industrial collaborations take place frequently and new initiatives are always welcome.


Founded in 1987, CEDT was originally named Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices. In 2005, the name of the Centre was changed to CEDT to better reflect the diversified range of research topics in which group members have become increasingly involved.


  • The CEDT has around 250 registered users at this time. Employees of the CEDT were working during phase zero on two essential research projects related to the development of COVID sensors
  • The CEDT anticipates requests from its user community for access to equipment. Only fully trained users
    will be considered for access
  • Users will be required to book equipment using QReserve, and available bookings will be limited such that strict social distancing requirements can be
  • The specific maximum limits will be 3 users in the cleanroom (maximum of one user in each area of the cleanroom); 5
    users in the characterization lab (maximum of one user in each area); and 5 users in the TAB Annex (3 on
    level 1, and 2 on level 2


As an organization, the CEDT amounts to a collective of people and pooled resources. Faculty from various departments who have an interest in the resources operated by the CEDT pay on a fee for service basis to use CEDT equipment facilities. As members associated with the CEDT, the faculty and their students are granted access to the CEDT's analytical equipment, and pay special rates for the use of processing and growth facilities. 

The CEDT operates as a collective of shared resources. The people that keep the Centre running include faculty from a number of universities, their students and research associates, full-time CEDT technical staff, as well as industrial collaborators.

Doris V. Stevanovic

Doris V. Stevanovic

Research Engineer, CEDT

Nebile Isik Goktas

Nebile Isik Goktas

Research Associate, CEDT


Our centre welcomes faculty members from various other universities and companies to associate with our Centre for research projects. Two full-time staff operate and maintain equipment for material growth, analysis, and processing, located in four laboratory facilities.

The CEDT has experienced a rapid growth in its major university users over the past four years, from 29 - 59. The growth has largely been due to the seven newly hired faculty members. The presence of the CEDT was a strong incentive in the hiring of these new faculty since their research programs rely heavily on the materials growth, device processing and characterizations facilities in the CEDT, which would be difficult to replicate in another Canadian University.



The CEDT operates and manages equipment under the three facilities:

  • Materials growth
  • Fabrication
  • Characterization


Watch our how-to videos on using QRESERVE

To inquire about access to the CEDT and general training, please contact Doris Stevanovic

Below is a list of equipment available. All users must be properly trained on equipment before being able to reserve. Please click the "CONTACT" link beside the equipment to arrange training.

Fee Structure: Rates are for Canadian University Users 


CEDT Facilities Access

CEDT Facilities access, safety training and qualification records

Facilities Access

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for CEDT Facilities

Fee Schedule

Cleanroom Inquiries and Equipment Bookings

For cleanroom and equipment inquiries, please contact Doris Stevanoic.

Other Inquiries

For general inquiries please contact Tammy Lintack at


Doris V. Stevanovic

Doris V. Stevanovic

Research Engineer