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Yasaman Marcu, BEng '15

Software Engineering | A world of opportunities

Yasaman Marcu was looking for transferable skills and a wide-open job market when she chose to specialize in Software Engineering.

After five years in the work world, the 2015 grad is happy with her choice. “It’s better than I thought. There are endless opportunities and options.”

Marcu launched her career with a smaller tech company that encouraged teaching and learning, but has recently moved to Shopify as an iOS Developer, working on the point of sale iOS app.

While sometimes challenging, she says there’s so much depth to the field that it never becomes repetitive or boring.

“And as an iOS developer, when I see a need in the market, I can create an app, put it on the App Store and make some money. It's fun and allows me to be creative.”

Her latest app offering, Waste – Peel Region, provides garbage schedule notifications and reminders for households in the Peel area.

She encourages students to explore workplace learning opportunities.

“Definitely do a co-op or internship,” says Marcu. “I suggest working at a small tech company at the beginning of your career because that's where you can be hands-on and learn the most.”

Taking part in software engineering activities and attending conferences as a student were useful for familiarizing her with the demand in the job market, she adds.

“And in university, do side projects to specialize or master one field, such as iOS, Android, data or back-end. It helps your resume and once you master one field, you can easily learn different technologies and platforms.”