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Kevin Dagenais, BEng '03, MASc '05

Software Engineering, Controls Engineering | Using Data to Drive Business Improvement

What happens when you bring data to bear on decision-making? Usually, it’s the difference between a shot in the dark and a direct hit.

The use of data analytics – the collection and analysis of information to gather insights and inform decision making – has already impacted industries ranging from manufacturing to banking to health care.

As CEO of Cascadia Scientific, Kevin Dagenais is helping the mining sector get in on the action.

The Vancouver-based fuel measurement and operational data analytics company focuses its services on high horsepower diesel equipment, most commonly in the mining sector.

“We provide a subscription-based platform (SmartRView) consisting of instrumentation, electronics, software, and services developed to support improved fuel and business efficiency,” explains Dagenais.

After earning his BEng in Software Engineering in 2003, Dagenais completed a master’s degree in Control Engineering. And while he expected his career to proceed on a highly technical path, he says he’s benefitted from the mentorship of colleagues and superiors who helped him evolve professionally.

 “In my current role, I have full P&L responsibility, which means I am involved in setting and executing against our budgets, managing the staff, interfacing with our board of directors, securing non-revenue funding, and of course, selling,” he says.

“But as the most experienced embedded systems developer on the team, I still take the opportunity to contribute to our software platform when time permits.”

His management role has provided him with many of his career highlights, including the opportunity to support employees, especially those just out of school, as they develop into their potential.

His advice to today’s students: “Enjoy these years, they will be over before you realize.  Consider graduate school if the opportunity is available to you, it is an incredible experience.

“And with regard to your career, take risks and be bold when you are young – it will only get harder as you find yourself responsible for a mortgage and a family.”