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Bachelor of Engineering & Society (B.Eng.Society Co-op Optional)

Software Engineering

Software engineers (SEs) are engineers who specialise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining the software in computer systems.

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Software Engineers are ultimately responsible for the usability, safety, and reliability of their products. For example, the SE must make sure that the system and its documentation are consistent, that the hardware configuration is appropriate to the task, that programs will behave as required, and that the system will meet all real-time deadlines and other performance requirements. Because they must understand what is going on outside the computer, not just the software, the McMaster programme includes much more than software design

McMaster Software Engineering programme prepares students for a career in a rapidly changing field by emphasising fundamental design principles, material that will still be useful and valid three decades from today. Students learn to apply basic mathematics and science (including relevant Computer Science), as well as undertake disciplined testing and simulation to ensure that any system they design will perform its tasks adequately when delivered to a customer for use. Although the students will use current systems in their laboratory work, the lectures stress ideas and techniques of lasting value.