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Dr. Yingying Wang

Assistant Professor

Department of Computing and Software

Character Animation; Computer Graphics; Vision; Deep Learning; AR/VR; Game; Motion Capture, Synthesis and Perception
ITB 130


I joined McMaster University January 2022. I am currently looking for Ph.D. and Master students to join my research group. I have many interests in generating expressive animations for AR/VR applications and games, including:

* Generative model for human motion style transfer and generation
* Motion simulation in physics environment
* Audio driven intelligent virtual character synthesis
* Dance choreography for virtual characters
* Cartoon animation synthesis and perception
* Gesture synthesis for conversational characters
* Markerless hand and body motion capture
* ... or you propose interesting graphics + vision + deep learning topics ...

For future students, please send me an email if these aligns with your research interests. Students should have fundamental knowledge in graphics, vision and deep learning and basic coding experience.  It would be a bonus if students are familiar with Deep Reinforcement Learning, GAN, Unity, OpenGL, Maya these knowlege and tools.