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Actions on Google Challenge Winner!January 25, 2018

Google was looking for an application that "offers an amazing user experience, is unique to voice and goes beyond device functionality, and is new to the Google ecosystem."

Congratulations to Liane and Kerala!

They competed in the Actions on Google Challenge at U of T Hacks and won!

They created a music teacher application named Talking Notes that talks the user through a practice session and provides them with relevant resources. Below is a link to the project submission:

Part of the prize is two sessions with Google engineers to continue developing our app and eventually publish it.

Liane is an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering student currently on a 12-Month Co-op.
Kerala is a Computer Science student also on a 12-Month Co-op.

They will both be entering the fourth and final year of their undergraduate studies in September.

Below is the link to U of T Hacks: