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Health and Safety

Every employee has 1) The Right to Participate, 2) The Right to Know, and 3) The Right to refuse unsafe work


Main Office: ITB 202, ext 24614     H & S Bulletin Board: Outside ITB 202

EMERGENCY! - dial 88 on any campus phone (cell: 905 522 4135)

Security - ext 24281
EOHSS - ext 24352
Facility Services - ext 24740

First Aid

Robert Li         ext: 23445    office: ITB 242    email: lis3

First Aid Kits

The certified First Aid Kit are in ITB 202 and ITB 242.

Dept. Representatives

Faculty: Wenbo He  (,  ext 27769    office: ITB 214 )

Worker: John Nakamura  (,  ext 27017, office: ITB 242)


CAS lab policy: This is a file that outlines the general Health and Safety Policy for the department.

CAS Lab Guidelines: This is a file containing the general Health and Safety Lab Manual for the department.


Mandatory Training Courses


The following courses are REQUIRED for all supervisors:

Administrative and Academic Staff and Graduate Students

The following courses are REQUIRED for all Administrative and Academic Staff, including Graduate students:

For any of these courses, contact EOHSS and look under the "Training and Development" link to see when the courses are offered.


According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), employers and employees are obligated to fulfill certain health and safety responsibilities in the workplace.


This is a link to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Part III of the Act is about responsibilities. Sections 25-28 refer to employers, supervisors and workers.

OHSA Guide (PDF)

This is a less formal guide about the OHSA. Section 6 discusses employer and employee responsibilities.

Risk Management Manual (RMM)

The Risk Management Manual also contains responsibilities specifically related to McMaster University

Health and Wellness

Not feeling well? Stressed out?

The following links may be able to help you.

Student Wellness Centre

The Student Wellness Centre is the place on campus to address your wellness needs. We provide a range of counselling options, medical services and wellness programs so that you can get the most out of your McMaster experience, academically and personally!

Sexual Violence Support

This website is a place where survivors of all backgrounds and social identities can find support and information about sexual, intimate partnership or family violence including rape. It’s also a place where campus members can find tips on how to provide the best support possible to survivors who disclose sexual, intimate partnership or family violence.

McMaster has a sexual policy:

Employee Health, Safety & Well-Being

Workplace well-being relates to all aspects of your work life at McMaster from the health and safety of your physical environment to workplace wellness. At McMaster University we provide programs and services to help employees lead healthier lives, in and out of the workplace.