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Seminar: Todor Stoyanov

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Enabling Autonomy for Mobility and Manipulation



In this talk I will outline some of the recent work that my group has done to increase the autonomy capabilities of mobile robots equipped with manipulators. I will motivate why the problem of combining mobility and manipulation is interesting from both an industrial and academic perspective. I will then overview some of the challenges in the field, and the approaches that my group has been pursuing to address these open problems. In particular, I will concentrate on two streams of work: first, approaches based on hierarchical constraint programming and control; and second, approaches that aim to automatically extract and exploit structure from sensor observations.


Todor Stoyanov is an Associate Professor in computer science at Orebro University, Sweden, where he heads the Autonomous Mobile Manipulation lab. He obtained a PhD from Orebro University in 2012, with a focus on mobile robot mapping and navigation. Prior to that he holds undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer science from Jacobs University, Bremen. Todor’s research interests focus on the intersection between perception and motion generation for mobile manipulator robots, with a particular focus on devising approaches that are able to learn from experience and through human guidance.