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Seminar: Shahan Khatchadourian, ConsenSys

Seminar: Shahan Khatchadourian, ConsenSys

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JHE 210

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Dr. Fei Chiang


Governments and enterprises want to leverage flexible, high-fidelity, and robust platforms to execute and support their diverse and unique visions. Blockchains offer a promising new era of distributed and secure computing with innovations in trust models that enable new forms of interaction, monetization, and governance. These capabilities are achieved from the composition of open protocols involving cryptographic security, data immutability, and decentralized networks. Already, millions of users have disintermediated their interactions in novel and unique ways, as an example, transacting the equivalent of trillions of US dollars on public blockchain networks including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It should thus come as no surprise that governments and enterprises are advocating for the advent of blockchains in order to further develop their constituent and customer relationships.
A successful blockchain platform depends on having clear insights into the direction and growth of the platform's ecosystem. In this talk, I will describe Ethereum's concise, formal specification that covers self-sovereign identity and smart contract capabilities. Ethereum's open platform, which is supported and led by its developer community, has the advantage of innovating at great pace using decentralized governance and tokenization. I will also offer a glimpse into enterprise protocols that we are developing at PegaSys.
Dr. Shahan Khatchadourian is a software developer and researcher, with MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto. During his studies, Shahan was an IBM CAS Fellow and Visiting Scientist at the T.J. Watson Research Centre. Shahan currently focuses on distributed computing, databases, and blockchain protocols. At ConsenSys, Shahan is founder and lead of PegaSys, the Protocol Engineering Groups and Systems team that focuses on the development of secure, scalable enterprise blockchain protocols. Shahan is a founding technical member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and lead author of the Alliance's vision paper.