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Seminar: Eyal de Lara, University of Toronto

Seminar: Eyal de Lara, University of Toronto

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ITB 201

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Dr. Rong Zheng, Dr. Fei Chiang


CloudPath: A Multi-Tier Edge Computing Framework

Current mobile networks are not able to support next generation applications that require low latency, or that produce large volumes of data that can overwhelm the network infrastructure in a carrier network. Examples include intelligent personal assistants and home automation services, medical patient monitoring, safety-critical applications such as face recognition applications for airport security and surveillance, and intelligent transportation systems. To address these challenges, the research community and the telecommunications industry are exploring ways to add computation and storage capabilities to the edge of the network. These approaches, variously referred to as cloudlets, micro data centers, or fog, augment the traditional cloud architecture with an additional layer of servers that are located closer to the end user, typically one-hop away.  

CloudPath is a new platform which generalizes the edge computing vision into a multi-tier cloud architecture deployed over the geographic span of the network. The platform supports scalable processing by providing storage and computation along a succession of datacenters of increasing sizes, positioned between the client device and the traditional wide-area cloud datacenter.  CloudPath consists of an execution environment that enables the dynamic installation of light-weight stateless event handlers, and a distributed storage system that dynamically replicates application data.  CloudPath handlers are small, allowing them to be rapidly instantiated on demand on any server that runs the CloudPath execution framework. In turn, CloudPath automatically migrates application data across the multiple datacenter tiers to optimize access latency and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Bio: Eyal de Lara is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.  His focus is on experimental research on mobile and pervasive computing systems.  Prof. de Lara currently servers as editor in chief of ACM GetMobile the flagship publication of ACM SigMobile.   His research has been recognized with an IBM Faculty Award, an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Award, the 2012 CACS/AIC Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize, and two best paper awards.