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Seminar: Dr. Svetlana Obraztsova, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

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ITB 201

Securing election outcomes: the good, the bad, and the reality


Complexity of voting manipulation is one of the most important topics in computational social choice. In this talk, two new approaches to this problem will be showed. In the beginning a two-stage voting manipulation scenario will be considered. First, a malicious party (an attacker) attempts to manipulate the election outcome in favor of a preferred candidate by changing the vote counts in some of the voting districts. Afterwards, another party (a defender), which cares about the voters' wishes, demands a recount in a subset of the manipulated districts, restoring their vote counts to their original values. The resulting Stackelberg game for the case where votes are aggregated using two variants of the Plurality rule will be described, and an almost complete picture of the complexity landscape will be shown, both from the attacker's and from the defender's perspective.

In the second part of the talk the computational problem of constructive election control via issue selection will be covered. In this problem, a party decides which political issues to focus on to ensure victory for the favored candidate.