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Seminar: Dr. Nan Chen, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

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ITB 201

Application of Engaging Teaching Methods to Fundamental Computing


While lecturing has been the major teaching method for undergraduate courses, an increasing number of studies have shown that students in the engaging learning environment tend to have a higher-gained learning outcome. Teaching a large-size fundamental computing course demands numerous efforts and innovations. The diverse student background requires a variety of engaging methods to deliver knowledge to students properly. The large student enrolment number of fundamental courses also restricts the individual guidance time in-class, demotivating the students at their early undergraduate stage. Moreover, the requirement of a strong mathematical background in the early study can be intimidating for students, decreasing their confidence in the future study.

In this talk, I will introduce potential engaging teaching methods that can effectively facilitate the learning process in fundamental computing courses. The main learning objectives of fundamental computing courses are first introduced, along with a literature review of engaging teaching methods to achieve the learning objective. The implementation and teaching performance are also discussed accordingly to help instructors adopt effective, engaging methods accordingly. Finally, an example of applying engaging teaching methods to a fundamental computing course is proposed to create a blended learning environment.