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PhD defence: Xiao Jiao Wang

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 Reza Samavi (Chair)
 Michael Chen (York University)
 Franya Franek
 Manaf Zargoush
 Antoine Deza (supervisor)
 Kai Huang (supervisor)

Stochastic Programming Formulations and Structural Properties for Assemble-to-Order Systems


Lowering the degree of component commonality may yield a higher type-II service level for a periodic review assemble-to-order  system that aims to maximize reward. This is achieved via separating inventories of all the shared components for different products. We further investigate the optimal bill-of-materials structure for two-product assemble-to-order systems with arbitrary number of components. The inventory of a shared component can be separated or common between different products. We show that an optimal bill-of-materials can be found between the following two extremal configurations: either two products share all common components, or they do not share any common component.