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Department of Computing and Software Drop In Centre (room: ITB 242)

Having problems in a course?  Need to work out a problem?  Want to meet great people?

The Drop In Centre might just be the right place for you.


The Drop In Centre (ITB 242) is a place where students can get help, ask questions, seek knowledge, say hello by "dropping in".

The hired help will try and solve any problems that come up and if not, try and make suggestions.

The centre also has a MS Teams Link:   Here is the link.

Help Who?

The main focus will be to help students taking courses offered by the Department of Computing and Software.

The current courses are:


The staff will try and help students not taking any courses with the department if they can.

Teaching Assistants may also use the Drop in Centre to hold office hours.  Details of this would be from the given course.


The Drop In Centre is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 4:30 pm.

Teaching Assistants may schedule hours outside the regular Drop In hours.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there is a  Virtual Drop In Centre on MS Teams (same hours).

To use it:

  1. Contact the TA or John Nakamura (x27017, to set up a meeting time.
  2. Join the CAS Drop In Centre team on MS Teams.  Here is the link.
  3. In the CAS Drop In Centre Team, there will be the appropriate channel set up for the courses.  Click on the appropriate channel.


The Drop In Centre has:

75" Touch screen monitor with Windows 10,  camera and microphone.

touch screen

Also installed is whiteboard software, web browsers, MS Teams, and the standard Windows 10 applications.

65" Monitor for use with laptops using HDMI cable.


Plug the monitor into a laptop via HDMI (full size connector) so that a group can view what is on the laptop.

Meeting tables

There is a meeting table  that seats six infront of the monitor and touch screen monitor.

Extra Seating

Along the back wall is seating for six people.  There are outlets available for laptop adapters.


The main contact person for the Drop In Centre is John Nakamura (x 27017,

Other staff in the ITB 242:

Systems Speicalist : Sebastian Rabiej

Sebastian handles network and systems for the dept.  If you are a student in one of our programs and are having connection problems, talk to Sebastian.

Instructional Assistant (Labs) : Robert Li

 Robert handles the labs for the upper year courses (yr 2+).