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2021 Fall - Return to Campus Survey

Dear CAS students:

We hope that you are having a safe and healthy summer.

We wanted to share our plans with you for the Fall 2021 term and request information on your plans for September.

For the Fall 2021 term (September – December 2021), course delivery will be a blend of virtual and in-person components. The 2021/2022 course schedule posted on MOSAIC indicates a teaching mode for every course component (i.e., in-person component, online, virtual, or some may be a combination of these). We believe that attending course components in-person, where offered, provides the best learning experience for all students.

For all courses offered by the Department of Computing and Software, that is, all COMPSCI, SFWRENG, and MECHTRON courses, tutorials and labs have been scheduled as in-person components, and the department is working towards making the in-person experience as complete as possible under the circumstances. However, depending on public policy or course planning circumstances, switches to some online format may become necessary for all or parts of the in-person components of some (or all) courses. For example, if we have to deal with room capacity reductions for distancing, then a tutorial or lab may have to be partitioned into sections that will be alternating between in-person and online meetings from week to week. Any such changes and special arrangements will be announced on the course home page, respectively in its Avenue presence.

In addition, as for all courses delivered by the Faculty of Engineering, we will be offering parallel online programming for those students who are not able to attend any scheduled in-person components for Fall 2021.

To plan accordingly and ensure the best possible experience, we are asking that you declare your intentions for the Fall term. Please complete the short survey linked below, where you will declare whether you will be in-person for the Fall term (i.e., attending all in-person class components on campus) or virtual (i.e., attending all class components online).

This survey is REQUIRED for all students taking COMPSCI, SFWRENG, or MECHTRON courses.

  • This declaration is for ALL of your COMPSCI, SFWRENG, and MECHTRON courses for the Fall term (i.e., you will not be declaring on a course-by-course basis).
  • This declaration is for the Fall term only. For the Winter 2022 term, we are planning to be entirely in-person and you should plan to be on-campus.
  • For students in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Mechatronics Engineering programs, the original deadline to complete the survey was July 31st, 2021.
  • All students taking COMPSCI, SFWRENG, or MECHTRON courses should fill in this survey  as soon as possible, preferrably by the time of registration.
  • The survey has now been made repeatable, so that you can change your answer according to changed circumstances. Before the start of the fall term, your answer should tell us your mode for the first few weeks of term.

Your response to this survey will help each instructor to plan and conduct their course in a way that students who cannot attend in-person components have an equitable way to participate and succeed in the course. Your response to this survey will also help the department and the faculty to possibly allocate additional resources to courses where the mix of in-person and online delivery cannot be handled with the current TA allocation.

The survey is implemented in MSTeams, at the following link, which will ask you to join a team that has been set up specifically for this survey:

(It may be most reliable to "Use the web app instead'' when following this link into MSTeams.)

  • If you made a mistake in your declaration or change your mind before the deadline, please retake the survey.
  • For questions about individual courses before term starts, please wait for announcements on Avenue or on the instructors' course webpages.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mark Lawford, Chair of the Department of Computing and Software
Dr. Wolfram Kahl, Associate Chair (Undergraduate) of the Department of Computing and Software