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Faculty Development Academy

The McMaster Engineering Faculty Development Academy was established in 2014 to support the Faculty’s mission and strategic plan, Invest for Excellence, and to construct new and effective learning experiences for both its faculty and students.

The Faculty is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and experiential learning. Our goal is to empower our faculty members to build on their strengths as instructors and classroom facilitators in order to stay current with the evolving technological advances in teaching.

The Faculty’s strategic vision, Invest for Excellence, supports constructing new and effective learning experiences for and with our students. It is essential to equip faculty members with the necessary tools and skills to enhance a learning environment that is engaging for our students and provide the best teaching experiences for our faculty members.

About FDA

In an age where student learning is evolving and changing, it is imperative that we strive to stay current with technological advances in teaching. Initiatives established through the Faculty Development Academy will not only provide an enriched teaching and learning experience for our faculty, but also offer support in research, leadership and academic administrative processes.

Furthermore, the Faculty Development Academy recognizes that staff development is a critical component for on-going personal and professional development. Programs and initiatives can assist staff members develop skills and competencies to grow in their positions as well as professionally in order to prepare them for advancement.

The Faculty Development Academy has also identified key areas in which its graduate students can partake in professional skills development. On-line initiatives provide support in areas such as presentation skills, launching one’s career, and work/life balance, to name a few.


The Faculty of Engineering extends its sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all the faculty, staff and guest facilitators who have volunteered their time to our Faculty Development Academy initiatives. Your hard work and dedication in assisting with the development of the resources and workshops has made the Faculty Development Academy – our academy – a great success. I commend you on a job well done and offer you my deep personal gratitude.   
Ishwar Puri, Dean and Professor 

Faculty Facilitators

Cam Churchill -Large Classroom Engagement; PEO Information Session
Kevin Dunn - Assessment Design
Art Heidebrecht - Experiential Learning and Reflective Teaching
Steve Hranilovic - Grant Proposal Writing/Funding Opportunities Workshop
Marilyn Lightstone - Mentoring Workshop; Grant Proposal Writing/Funding Opportunities Workshop
Peter Mascher - Research Opportunities and Developing Industry Partners
Joe McDermid -Tenure and Promotion
John Preston - Assessment Design; Faculty Recruitment and Searches; Grant Proposal Writing/Funding Opportunities Workshop
Michael Thompson - Best Practices for Writing a Strong Scholarship Reference Letter
Greg Wohl - Large Classroom Engagement

Staff Facilitators

Monique Beech - Media Training Session
Amber Bukata - Faculty Recruitment and Searches
Minha Ha - Large Classroom Engagement
Peter Jonasson - Improv for Life
Maria Massi, Faculty Development Academy Program Coordinator - Faculty Recruitment and Searches
Lynn Stewart - Experiential Learning and Reflective Teaching and Best Practices for Writing a Strong Scholarship Reference Letter; Faculty Recruitment and Searches
Elizabeth Takacs - Work-Life Balance; Dealing with Stress and Mindfulness Meditation

Guest Facilitators

Moody Farag, Manager, Admissions, Professional Engineers of Ontario - PEO Information Session
Grace Kim, ROADS - Grant Proposal Writing/Funding Opportunities Workshop
Sheila Laffan, Program Manager, Continuing Health Science Edcuation - PiYo Sessions
Amber Metham, MILO - Grant Proposal Writing/Funding Opportunities Workshop
Linda Spence, Senior Consultant/HR Specialist - Conflict Resolution Workshop

Current Offerings

This workshop is intended for all first-time TAs           

Facilitators:   Donal Finnerty & Eric Salt

Please register by contacting the Graduate Administrative Assistant in your Department.          

This workshop is intended for all faculty and staff

Date:                     Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Time:                     12:00 – 1:00pm
Location:              JHE A114
Facilitators:         Mike Webber and Monique Beech

Register here

This workshop is intended for Department Chairs, Administrators, and all tenure-track or teaching-track faculty members as well as those interested in promotion.

Date:                     Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Time:                     9:00am – 12:00pm
Location:              JHE A114
Facilitators:         Dr. Joseph McDermid, Ms. Barb Eftekhari,  Ms. Andrea Colbert-DeGeit

Please register here

This workshop is intended for department chairs, administrators, all faculty members, and staff research coordinators

Date:                     Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Time:                     12:00 – 1:00pm
Location:              JHE A114
Facilitator:           Ms. Terry Milson, Advancement Officer

Please register here

Faculty Orientation

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. We are pleased you have joined our community and look forward to working with you.

The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University recognizes the importance to integrate new faculty to its community. It is equally important to ensure that new faculty are equipped with the necessary resources to help them navigate successfully through their first year and subsequent years so that they can build a strong foundation for a rewarding career.

Orientation provided by individual Departments and Schools will be complemented by one-on-one orientation sessions offered by the Office of the Dean upon the commencement of a new faculty members appointment. The Dean's office will contact you directly to arrange an appointment for an orientation session.

New Faculty Orientation Package

New Faculty Mentoring Workshop

Professional Licensing

Professional Engineers Ontario

Professional Engineering License

The Faculty of Engineering values its connection with the Engineering profession. Moreover, maintenance of program accreditation requires that most of our faculty members be licensed by the profession. It is therefore expected that if you are not currently licensed as a professional engineer by the Professional Engineers of Ontario that you will become licensed prior to the end of your initial contract period.

Application Process

Staff Development

The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University recognizes that the staff it employs are central to all of its academic and research endeavors. Assisting the development of each individual will ultimately enhance the Faculty of Engineering’s performance and status as a quality employer within McMaster.

All University staff have a right and responsibility to continuously improve the capabilities required for their current roles, and to consider development required for possible future roles at higher levels or in other organizational units. While staff members should proactively develop their capabilities, staff development is a shared responsibility. Managers within the Faculty of Engineering have a key responsibility in supporting staff to identify their skills and development needs through regular feedback and in encouraging them to take up development opportunities.

The Faculty of Engineering encourages staff to develop their capabilities through a broad range of activities.

Visit the following links to help you choose from various professional development opportunities.