Centre for Advanced Microfluidics and Electrofluidics

The main focus of our research group is in the design and development of biomedical microdevices with applications in medical diagnostics, environmental sensing, drug discovery and artificial organs. We have significant expertise in micro and nanofabrication and in microfluidics and are leaders in this area. We collaborate with a wide range of researchers in engineering, science, health science and clinical fields to identify interesting problems that could be addressed effectively using microfabricated devices. We strive for elegance in our solutions and often stumble on interesting and unexpected physical, chemical or biological phenomena in the process. Often these diversions have led to new research directions and collaborations for the group.

Students who thrive in our group are typically passionate about microfabrication and microfluidics, self-motivated, capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously, hands-on, and have leadership abilities to interact researchers in other fields and lead collaborations. We often take 2-3 students each year into the Master's and PhD programs in mechanical and biomedical engineering and seek top ranking students from Canada and around the world with hands-on experimental experience to apply.